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Sharpening Your Leadership Skills

2018 Leadership Development Tool

Sharpening Your Communication Skills

Many of our church leaders have told Rev. Xolani that they want to improve the communications process at the church. Their opinions are important, so he searched for ways to help us evolve to a highly-communicative leadership team. He discovered a very good podcast episode that will help us move forward. It has some very doable strategies. If all of our leaders listen to this podcast and begin implementing the suggestions, Rev. Xolani is confident that we can go to the next level of communicating well with one another and to our teams!

It will only take 15 minutes of your time and you can even download it to your phone and listen to it as you drive, workout, whatever.

Please let Rev. Xolani know what you think. And remember, if you are a lay leader everything that you receive on the Lay Leadership email distribution list should go to your team members. They are leaders too!