Group activities like those listed here bind us together in fellowship, community, spirituality, shared interests and values.  These are some of the activities available to church members and attendees. Unless otherwise stated, all events will be held at the church.  We invite newcomers to take part in these activities.

1st Friday

1st Friday of the month
6:30 in the Religious Education Great Room
Games, music, and singing. It’s a merry group! Contact:

Bridge Group

Wednesday at 2 PM in the lobby
Not too serious and lots of great conversation.

Circle Suppers

Jan, Apr, July, Oct
Various times, places and hosts
A great way to socialize and meet new members and friends outside of church as we gather in small groups to share a meal together in one another’s homes. Newcomers are welcome!

Crafty UUs

2nd & 4th Saturdays, 1-3 PM in the Religious Education Great Room
Come and learn new crafts, work on projects, enjoy the company of other UUs.

Dining Out

3rd Friday of the month
Time varies
Dine together in different restaurants. A fun way to meet folks and get better acquainted.

Quiet in the Library

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 1-3 PM
Administration Building
Come in, sit down, read, find the perfect book to entertain, enlighten, or calm your soul.

Tai Chi

Every Tuesday and Thursday
10 AM and again at 5:45 PM
Religious Education Great Room
Healthy and calming.

Fellowship through Service

Sunday Baristas!

Sunday 11 AM coffee hour
We love our coffee and snacks.  This is a great way to meet lots of people.  If you’re a baker or a creative snack maker, or if you just want to buy a snack for a single service, WE NEED YOU!

Sunday Greeters

Sunday service at 10 AM
Arrive 20 minutes before the service

Easiest and best way to familiarize yourself with a lot of church members and friends.  This is great fun and a valuable service.


Join the choir
Rehearse Tuesdays 6:45-8:30 PM
Warmup for 30 minutes before the Sunday service
Add your voice to the Sunday worship service.

Work in our Tombaugh Art Gallery

Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
Shifts from 10 AM-noon or noon-2 PM
Sunday shift is 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Spend a few gloriously quiet hours a week among beautiful art. 

Join a Worship Team

Help prepare services for 2-3 months
Learn to help lead worship services
Work with minister and team members

Help coordinate and plan Sunday worship, act as a Service Associate.

Participate in Desert Spirit CUUPs

The Las Cruces chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans practices and educates others on Earth-centered spirituality. We host public presentations and workshops on the third Saturday of each month, called “Fill Your CUUPs,” as well as rituals to celebrate the cycles of the seasons.  All meetings, rituals and events are open to everyone interested in learning and/or growing in their spiritual path.  Events held at the church unless otherwise noted. To suggest a topic or for more information, email or visit

MoonSisters Group

  • We are sisters drawn by the moon to illuminate many spiritual paths through sharing, teaching, and support for ourselves and each other.
  • We provide sharing through respect and providing a safe place for shared beliefs, feelings and ideas.
  • We provide teaching of different paths by ourselves and others; we are all teachers.
  • We provide support for each other as sisters by providing resources, healing and caring.
  • We embrace women’s spirituality in all of its forms. We are welcoming and affirming of all sisters regardless of what gender the were born into.
  • We are all part of the interconnected web of life and will come together to support each other and to celebrate the female spirit!

This women’s group meets once monthly. Contact Cassie Calway for more information or visit the group’s Facebook page.

SASSy Women

A lesbian and allies’ group with a monthly potluck and social action/purely social agenda. Our potluck is the last Sunday of each month and there are various other social activities throughout the month: hikes, movies, out-of-town trips, etc.