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Our staff are here to help you to understand our church and to offer a wide variety of church-related services to the congregation and public. More information is available on our Contact Us page.


Catherine Massey, Director of Music

picture of catherine massey our director of music

Catherine has been in charge of our music since 1998 and accepted the position of Music Director in 2000, the first year we had a choir. She has enthusiastically embarked on expanding the diversity of the congregation’s musical programming ever since. She takes pride in stating that, “Our congregation has moved from a very cautious and shy singing group to one that will enthusiastically sing anything I ask them to, from African chants to rounds and Jason Shelton’s hymns.”

Catherine is not afraid to try new things nor to encourage others to do likewise, and counts as one of her strengths her willingness to learn and do what needs to be done. “I had never conducted a choir before I started one at our church, but I did so because the need was so great – the need to have a choir sing on Sunday and the need for people to sing in a choir.

Kellie Ingram, Director of Religious Education

Kellie was born and raised in New Mexico, where she met her husband Nick in high school. After traveling through the US while he served in the military, the family of six (two sons & two daughters) settled in the Southwest desert they love. Kellie enjoys working with children and has devoted 20 years of her life to working with youth in several positions, including daycare teacher, home daycare director and in-home nanny. You may reach Kellie Ingram at Kellie@uuchurchlc.org


Cheri Coffelt, Church Administrator

Cheri and her husband David moved to New Mexico in 1998. They love living in Las Cruces with their border collie, Jack. Cheri has an Associate of Arts degree in Theology, a diploma in Business from Trinity Baptist College, and a Bachelor of Arts from New Mexico State University.

You may reach Cheri at cheri@uuchurchlc.org

Michael Yaczko, Audio/Visual and Social Media Specialist

Mike Yaczko is a professional content creator and media personality with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a stage actor, voice actor, singer, musician, writer, and stand-up comedian. He graduated from NMSU with a degree in journalism and mass communications, with an emphasis on public relations, and a minor in sports/event marketing.

You may reach Mike at michael@uuchurchlc.org

Chris Neal-Wallace, Audio/Visual and Social Media Specialist

Brandon Hettinga, Church Sexton

picture of brandon hettinga

Brandon graduated from New Mexico State University in 2020 with a major in Business Management.

picture of lorenzo luhan our groundskeeper

Lorenzo Lujan, Groundskeeper

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