Small Group Ministry

Fulfilling and Belonging

Our Covenant Groups meet regularly, usually twice a month. Each group includes about 8 members who meet to deepen their sense of community, to witness and affirm each other’s journeys, and to open themselves to the unfolding meaning in their lives.

Our groups often discuss some of life’s most important topics: who are we, where are we going, what do we believe. They regularly share spiritual and personal experiences in an open and honest forum. Covenant Groups encourage people to talk, learn, listen, serve, play, and grow together over time.

Small groups such as Covenant Groups are the building blocks of the congregation.  As we learn and grow together in a trusting environment, our whole church becomes stronger and more able to provide the ministry we long for.

The Reverend Emerita Nancy J. Anderson
Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, NM

Is a Covenant Group for me?

Small groups are great places to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, with the congregation, and with the sacred.

What do Covenant Groups talk about?

Our Covenant Groups talk about many different things, for example; “good and evil,” “mindful living,” “parenting,” or “letting go.” Whatever topic is chosen, conversations are respectful and caring and lead to greater understanding. In each session, facilitated by a member of the congregation, all participants have opportunity to share their perspectives, tell their stories, and listen deeply.

Covenant Group meetings are structured: Groups begin and end with centering readings and often include times for quiet reflection as well as sharing.

All Covenant Groups are encouraged to put their faith into action through service projects to the church or the greater community.

What happens in a Covenant Group?

A group’s facilitator guides each meeting through:

  • Ingathering/chalice lighting
  • Check in
  • Topic introduction/ readings/focus questions
  • A time for each person to share
  • Check out
  • Closing

Group members covenant with one another regarding confidentiality, how often and when to meet, and other considerations.  New members may be admitted at the group’s discretion.

What are the ministry goals of a Covenant Group?

LOVE each other and ourselves

LEARN about the mysteries of our world and our spiritual paths.

SERVE our community and the needs of one another

MAINTAIN personal connections and a caring community with and for group members.

How can I join a Covenant Group?

Complete this short form to let our Covenant Group Coordinator know that you are interested in joining a group. He will contact you to let you know if there is an opening in an active group or whether a new group needs to be formed. New groups form when there are 6-8 people waiting to join a group and there is a trained facilitator available.