The church has a special social action program called Change-4-Change. Every quarter, a different social action organization receives all the change from the collection at our Sunday services. Once a year, the congregation votes on which organizations should receive the next year’s donations.

The following are typical of a wide variety of organizations we support each year with our Change-4-Change program:

  • Safe Haven Animal Shelter
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Mesilla Valley Hospice
  • Dona Ana NAACP

Other Organization That We Support with Our Time and Money

In addition, we support other local projects that help Las Cruces and southern New Mexico. Our members offer financial and volunteer support to the programs listed below.

Community of Hope

An overarching organization that assists the homeless and near homeless residents of Las Cruces. Our church contributes clothing to this organization through such events as our “Mitten Tree” and “Undie Sunday.”

Casa de Pereginos Food Bank

This is one of the programs within Community of Hope. The Social Action Committee collects food and money for the local food bank for people in need. The committee formed the Casa Club, a group of church members and friends who have signed up to give money monthly. Several members of the committee volunteer at the food bank and some are on their board of directors.

New Mexico Legislative Watch

We regularly watch the activities of the New Mexico Legislature.

Highway Cleanup

We pick up litter along a one mile stretch of adopted highway in Mesilla, NM.

Working with Our Children

Working with the Religious Education Committee we involve our children and youth in meaningful social action projects.

Little Free Library:
Take a Book – Leave a Book

picture of our little free library

Our Little Free Library, charter #44637, joins over 44,000 other Little Free Libraries as part of an international, free, nonprofit book exchange promoting literacy, the love of reading, and a sense of community.

Anyone can use a Little Free Library. It’s convenient and the door is always open.

If you see a book you’d like to read, just take it. You don’t need a library card and you don’t have to sign the book out. When you’ve finished with the book, return it to the Little Free Library or pass it along to a friend.

If you have a book you think other people would enjoy, you can donate it. Open the door and slip it in. If the library is too full, please find another Little Free Library or pass the book on to a friend. (Please don’t leave books on the ground near the Library or in the church office.)

Spread the news. Tell your friends the library is here. And keep on reading.

The Little Free Pantry of the Unitarian Universalist Church (UUCLC)

To support those in our community who are experiencing homelessness or food insecurity, the church established a Little Free Pantry (LFP) near the parking lot along Wofford Drive.  We try to stock the pantry with beverages (water or juices), single-portion, easy-open (pop-top) cans of veggies, fruits or meats, and raw fruits and veggies from gardens, which do not require cooking, small bags of pet foods and personal hygiene items (such as diapers, hand soap, shampoo). 

If you wish to donate something, you may just drop it off at the LFP or we accept donations at the church library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3 PM.