Moving Here? Or Just Visiting?

You might be coming here on vacation, working here temporarily, thinking about a permanent relocation, or considering attending New Mexico State University. Whatever the reason for your visit, we welcome you to our city.


picture of las cruces
Courtesy of Mike Groves Photography

Las Cruces is a mid-sized city with many amenities. It is a college town and so has access to good medical care, museums, libraries, a variety of entertainment, including live theater, concerts,a jazz society, and a symphony orchestra. In the summer, you can enjoy evening concerts in the park and the area is a great place for people who enjoy camping, hiking, and biking .

Las Cruces is a fine central location from which you can branch out on your travels throughout southern New Mexico. We have many good local hotel and motel chains and bed and breakfast rooms.


Our weather is fabulous; even in the hottest part of the summer, evenings and nights are “soft,” with temperatures typically dropping 20-30 degrees after sunset, perfect for sitting on the patio or outside at one of our restaurants and enjoying our spectacular sunsets to the west or our majestic purple mountains to the east.

Las Cruces offers welcome relief from humidity. Our humidity rarely exceeds 20 percent and is often much lower. That means that in Las Cruces, shade means something. It might be hot out in the sun, but step into the shade and you immediately step into comfort. At the other end of the seasons, low humidity means winters are mild. Any snow we might have usually confines itself to our beautiful mountains. In fact, it’s hard to surpass the beauty of our mountains when they’re dusted with snow.

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