Decide if membership is right for you

There is no test for membership, but membership is not taken lightly; the responsibilities of membership include supporting the church with one’s heart, soul, mind and finances. Our Sunday greeters can give you brochures and other materials about Unitarian Universalism and they are happy to answer your questions.

If you can, attend an orientation class

Because we want you to make an informed decision when you decide to join the church, we think it is very important for you to attend one of our orientation classes. There is at least one orientation class each year. During class, you will learn the history and principles of the Unitarian Universalist movement, share your own religious journey, learn how we put our beliefs and values into practice, and consider how your own beliefs and values might grow by association with our congregation.

When you’re ready for membership, please contact one of these:

Our minister—
Our office manager—

The 3 “P”s of Membership

If you understand and agree with our principles and values, then it’s time to talk to the minister or someone on our ">Membership Committee about joining the church. There are three requirements for joining the church:


Sign our membership book. By signing the membership book, you are making a promise to fulfill the other two requirements of membership: financially supporting the church and participating in church life. The minister and one other church leader will be happy to witness your signature.


We as members of this congregation covenant to support one another on our journeys and contribute to the wellbeing and purposes of the church, it is very important to participate regularly in the life of the church. Regular attendance and participation in weekly church services is one way to do this. But there is a wealth of other opportunities, just look at our website activity page or the online calendar for ideas. In addition, you may enjoy participating in a church committee, program, or special project.


Most members make an annual pledge to support the church’s mission and programs. Pledges make it possible for us to plan ahead. If you are not sure weather you can pledge or how much to pledge, our Minister, Finance Chair, or the President of the board will be happy to guide your decision (in strict strict confidence) about an amount that might be right for you.

OR make a “Contribution of Record.”

A Contribution of Record is a donation to the church’s General Fund.

Contributions of Record are identifiable as coming from you by your signature on a check or on the outside of a contribution envelope. You can make Contributions of Record even if you made an annual pledge.

Then what?

After you join the church our Membership Committee will ensure that you are known to other church members by introducing you at a New Member Welcome Ceremony.

Chances are that by the time you decide to join the church, you’ve already begun to participate in community life. Even so Membership Committee members are always available to help you discover new ways to connect to people and activities in the church.

  • Covenant Groups
  • Choir
  • Church committees
  • Activity programs
  • Adult Enrichment
  • Social Justice projects
  • J Paul Taylor Center projects
  • Tai Chi or Qi-Gong
  • Annual Auction
  • Circle Suppers and Eating Out
  • Our Tombaugh Art Gallery
  • And much more…