To become a member, you do not need to recite a creed or follow a church doctrine. This church and others in covenant within the Unitarian Universalist Association are in the Free Church tradition. As such, neither creed nor doctrine serve as tests for membership. In a Free Church, it is the difference between worship founded on covenant and worship founded on creeds.

We welcome persons of diverse lifestyles and religious beliefs into our membership.

Decide if membership is right for you

There is no test for membership, but membership is not taken lightly; the responsibilities of membership include supporting the church with one’s heart, soul, mind and finances. Our Sunday greeters can give you brochures and other materials about Unitarian Universalism and they are happy to answer you questions.

Attend an Orientation Class

Because we ask you to make an informed decision when you decide to join the church, we think it is very important for you to attend one of our orientation classes first.

Orientation class. There are two orientation classes each year. During these classes, you will learn the history and principles of the Unitarian Universalist movement, share your own religious journey, learn how we put our beliefs and values into practice, and consider how your own beliefs and values might grow by association with our congregation.

If you believe you understand and agree with our principles and values, then it’s time to talk to the minister about joining the church.

Join the Church

If you believe you understand and agree with our principles and values, then it’s time to talk to the minister about joining the church.

There are three requirements for joining the church:

1. Make a “Pledge.” Many members make an annual pledge to support the church’s mission and programs. If you are not sure how much to pledge, our Minister, Finance Chair, or the President of the church will be happy to guide your decision (in strict confidence) about an amount that might be right for you,

OR make a “Contribution of Record.” A Contribution of Record is a donation to the church’s General Fund (as opposed to one of the other church funds). Contributions of Record are identifiable as coming from you, by your signature on a check or on the outside of a contribution envelope. You can make Contributions of Record even if you made an annual pledge.

2. Sign the Membership Book. The minister and one other church leader will witness your signature.

3. Commit your Time and Talent to the church. There are many opportunities to join a church committee, work group, or task force. However, if you can’t join one of these groups, we’ll ask you to help out with church operations any way you can. Perhaps you can drive another member to services, teach Sunday school, or serve as a Sunday greeter, which is the best way to get to know church members.

Find out more

To find out more about becoming a member, contact the Chair of our Membership Ministry