Become a Chalice Lighter!

Chalice Lighter emblemYour Chalice Lighter contribution joins with over 400 others to support the growth of our liberal religion in the Mountain Desert District (MDD). The more Chalice Lighters we have, the more we can support our growing congregations. By being a Chalice Lighter, you help our congregation qualify for a Chalice Lighter grant, should we need one.

You can join Chalice Lighters by completing the form below. When you click “Submit” the email goes to the MDD with a copy to our Chalice Lighter Coordinator.

Recent Chalice Lighter Grants

San Juan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Farmington, NM)
Unitarian Universalist Community of Casper, WY
Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Church (Loveland, CO)

Create Meaning
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango (CO)
Mountain Desert District

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder (CO)
Pacific Western Region Leap of Faith Program
Mountain Desert District

Quarterly Support Calls

When you become a Chalice Lighter, each quarter you will receive a call or email letter, explaining the purpose of the call and asking for your donation of at least $10. Or, you may make an annual donation, divided between the four calls for that year.

MDD is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible. MDD sends notices of charitable contributions at the beginning of the year following your donation.

Generally, there are four requests a year from MDD, which are for funds to support the year’s designated projects.  As you can see in the above list of grants, calls fund a specific project; such as the Prairie Church’s request for financial support for a paid Religious Education staff member.  Regardless, you can choose respond to each call separately or annually.

This is how you can make an annual donation:

  • Decide on the amount you would like to give to all four calls.
  • Write, “2016 Chalice Lighter calls yearly donation” in the memo section of your check.
  • Your donation will be evenly divided among the four calls, unless requested otherwise.

Please join today!

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