first unitarian baltimore
First UNITARIAN Baltimore

Our name originated when two churches merged. In North America, Unitarianism and Universalism developed separately. Universalist congregations began to be established in the 1770s. Other congregations, many established earlier, began to take the Unitarian name in the 1820s. Over the decades the two groups converged in their liberal emphasis and style, and in 1961 they merged to become the Unitarian Universalist Association.

first universalist minneapolis
First UNIVERSALIST Minneapolis

Today, many of our older churches keep their original names out of respect for their origins, but they are all Unitarian Universalist and affirm and promote the same eight principles.

We Are UUs

Unitarian Universalists are also known as UU’s. Unitarian Universalists have a complex ministerial preparation and credentialing process and most UU ministers earn a Masters of Divinity from some of the best schools in the country.

We Are Not

Please don’t confuse us with other Uni- religions.

Unification Church
Members of the Unification Church are followers of Sun Myung Moon; we do not.
Universal Life Church
Free online ordination. We are not Universal Lifers.
Unity Church
The Unity Church association describes Unity as a positive and practical Christianity. They teach application of the principles of truth taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ as interpreted by the Unity School and the Association of Unity Churches. We are not the Unity Church.

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