Religious Education

Kellie Ingram, Director of Religious Education

Picture of director of religious education

“This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August, the summer’s last stand.” -Sara Baume

Oh, how quickly summer has flown by! It seems like we were all just waiting for the winds to pass and the rains to fall. August is a month of preparation- after long, lazy, summer days filled with the endlessness of heat, we all start to shift back into the routines of work weeks and school schedules.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of sending my kids back off to school. I’d rather have them home with me, free to go camping and sleep under the stars on a weekday, see a movie on a Tuesday morning, decide last minute that the arcade and a picnic are the way to spend a Friday afternoon. Alas, none of my (four) children have ever opted for homeschooling and so come August I’m left with the memories of summer adventures. This year our memories will include a wonderful week of Makers Camp!

In July of this year, Religious Education worked hard and was thrilled to host our 2nd round of summer camp. Roughly 24 friends and families of UUCLC joined together for a week of fun and fellowship! We began and ended each day together with love and laughter, gathered around a chalice. A dozen outstanding individuals (including members of Las Cruces Storytellers) donated their time, talents, and energy into teaching our youth new skills.

Just a few of our camp adventures included using teamwork to build a “condo” out of giant cardboard boxes, sharing lunch together every day as an extended family, painting faces, playing and creating games, decorating the courtyards Tai-Chi statue with beautiful trinkets, understanding mandalas and drawing our own. One particular camp highlight was gathering all together for an impromptu music and singing session. We ended camp with a celebratory, water filled, Friday! After spending time in the kitchen that morning, working together to prepare a delicious, gourmet meal (courtesy of our own tech support member Adam Huerta) youth and adults alike enjoyed jumping on the waterslide/bouncy house while munching on yummy watermelon. Friendships were made, knowledge was learned, and good times were had by all. The Religious Education program could not have accomplished this wonderful adventure with out the dedication and support of our volunteers.

We would like to sincerely thank you all: Sara Thomas, Rabbit Loring, Carol Winkler, John Seeley, Dave Rice, Tammy Schurr, Mark Sukontarak, Cathy Cox, Julie Woody, Myles Ingram, Adam Huerta, Chris & Rhianna Thomas, and Storytellers of Las Cruces (courtesy of Jean Gilbert).