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Services Every Sunday of the Year ⋅ Volume 64, Number 02

February Light

Our 64th Year

Newsletter of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces

Two Things: Communication & Valentine’s Day


Most people who meet me use similar words to describe my personality: low-key, easy-going, laid-back, or down-to-earth. The latter was once in my ministerial packet, written by the Transitions Director at the Unitarian Universalist Association. As a consequence of my personality type, I’ve typically had a bunch of friends.

Research calls this trait “likeability.” I feel fortunate to be likeable. I hope you do, too, because it means you can approach me to talk about virtually any subject without fear that I’ll get upset. Most people who’ve visited me in my office will probably confirm this. Try it.

I raise this to encourage you to speak with me directly, if there is something on your mind about something I’ve said, to include my sermons. You’d be much better off talking to me about your concerns than talking to someone else in the congregation. I may not agree with you, but I will consider your perspective. One-on-one is the way to go. We call that being “in covenant” or “right relationship.”

The other way, getting someone else involved in order to lighten your emotional state or confirm your feelings, is called triangulating. That might feel better, but it won’t help you and I be in right relations nor move the congregation forward.

On another note, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you are partnered or not, it’s a good opportunity to celebrate the love in your life.

Self-love is a good place to start. I encourage you to treat yourself in a loving way; every day. If you are partnered, remind your sweetheart why you love them. Buy some roses, too!

Don’t forget to be here for our special Valentine’s Day worship (Feb 17). Both services will feature three couples talking about their relationship. It should be loving and fun!

Namaste, Rev. Xolani

Board of Trustees Actions


January 16, 2019, Board Meeting

The purpose of this column is to keep you informed about recent Board of Trustee actions. Complete minutes of all Board meetings may be viewed in the office; please contact the Congregational Administrator. The board meets on the third Wednesday of the month.

  • Rental Property – Our rental property management company will be asked to board up the house portion of our rental property and we will post “No Trespassing” signs. The management company will also be asked to give the apartment renters a thirty-day notice to vacate.

Upcoming Services

Black Women and the Sacred

“Since the beginning of chattel slavery in this country, black women have been magically making something from nothing, conjuring up lives for themselves and their families with nothing but crumbs, dust and ashes…” Let’s look at some ideas.

Upcoming Roundtables

Education never ends. Come join our discussions. Our goal is to learn more about all sides of issues and more about each other. If you have a comment or suggestion, email it to roundtable@uuchurchlc.org.

Roundtable: Nurturing a Shared Ministry
Sun, Feb 17, 2019, 10:30 AM in the Library

Presenters: Rodney Sauter and the Committee on Ministry

Our Committee on Ministry has been retooling in order to better help the congregation nurture and grow our shared ministry. We invite you to join us in conversation as we work with the congregation to evaluate the current state of our ministry and how best to move forward together.

Roundtable: Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care
Sun, Feb 24, 2019, 10:30 AM in the Library

Presenter: Terry Meyer, M.D.

Dr. Meyer, Founder of Mesilla Valley Hospice, is proposing a New Health Care Model intended to encompass a broader spectrum of patients with chronic serious illnesses not likely to improve, yet not appropriate for hospice. Terry has been very active in our community and a friend of our church for many years.  He has an M.D. from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and is a Fellow of American Academy of Family Physicians.  He is Author of  “Safe Passage.  History of Mesilla Valley Hospice, Las Cruces, New Mexico.”


Social Justice

Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters (Amos 5.24)


Social Justice Committee (SJC) Monthly Update

The Social Justice Committee received feedback that many people at church would like to know more about the activities of the SJC, so this is the first of regular updates that will be included in future editions of the Light.

Historically, the SJC has been involved in many different issues in our local and regional area (such as hunger, prison reform, LGBTQ education, migrant asylum, women’s reproductive rights, detention and animal advocacy). Gillian Leng, new co-chair of the Social Justice Committee, stressed the need to “use our resources wisely”, and be sure that our efforts are making a difference.  At the January meeting, we discussed how to first “get our arms around” the various ministries that our members are engaged in, and then work towards meeting the challenge of a church-wide social justice project this Spring.

A half-day retreat on February 16 from 8 AM until noon will be devoted to reviewing all of the current ministries that our SJC members are involved in, and exploring whether a project might emerge as a possible congregation-wide focus.  All members are welcome to attend – please contact Janet Martinique  with questions.

The Social Justice Committee now meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 1:30 in the library.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Update on Hospitality for Asylum Seekers

Last weekend, as you may know, ICE released a large number of asylum seekers into our area, and the Border Servant Corps at Peace Lutheran was asked to provide hospitality for 80 refugees, instead of the usual 28. Given just a few hours’ notice, BSC contacted us and a few other volunteer organizations to help out. UUCLC responded generously. We provided 200 PBJ sandwiches and a Sunday soup meal for the 25 folks who were still awaiting transportation to their sponsors. We had more people volunteer than jobs to fill. BSC knows it can count on Unitarian Universalists. Huge thanks to all who stepped up to help in this emergency.

Meals in February:  BSC has requested that we host two soup lunches for asylum seekers in February. The dates are Wednesday Feb. 6 and Wednesday, Feb. 13. The meals will be at Peace Lutheran at noon. To help, sign up at church on Sunday (sign-up sheet in the Great Room) or by contacting Susan Bagby.

Undies Sunday:  Sunday, Feb. 3, is Undies Sunday. Bring new, in-the-package underwear for men, women, and children. Small sizes, please. A collection box is in the Great Room. Questions? Ask Gillian Leng.

Other ways to help: See the list of volunteer and tangible needs at www.borderservantcorps.org. It’s most helpful to fill the specific needs that BSC has identified.  If you want to donate something not specified, please contact Border Servant Corps. directly (575-522-7119) to make sure they can use what you have. And if you want to volunteer your labor to sort clothing, wash linens, provide transportation, or something else, please first contact BSC to make sure they have a job for you to do at the time you want to do it.

Need more information?  Contact Susan Bagby or Gillian Leng.

Martin Luther King – Day of Work

Thirteen volunteers from the church engaged in community service at the Community of Hope on January 21, Martin Luther King Day.  This was a special project of the Social Justice Committee. At El Caldito soup kitchen they did food preparation and sorted donated food items. Group members also worked at Camp Hope (for those experiencing homelessness) picking up trash and sorting donated clothing. The Camp Hope members were extremely friendly and appreciative of the help! The group then returned to the church for a simple lunch, where we were joined by Rev. Xolani.  There were very positive comments from the volunteers about the service they gave. I want to thank all the volunteers for giving up part of your holiday, and to those on the Social Justice committee for helping with the coordination.  This group truly treated MLK Day as “a day on, not a day off”.



We Are Looking for a Few Good UUs!

You are a person who loves being a Unitarian Universalist. You revel in the nickname “UU.” You relish being an outlier, someone who thinks freely and carves out your own path. You may be the odd person out in your family because you chose to follow your instincts about your religious identity. In other words, you decided that you’d do your own thing even though your parents and siblings stayed the “traditional” course.

On the other hand, you may not be the first to speak up when everyone goes around the room and declares their religious denomination. In fact, you probably will say, “I’m a UU,” but will not define that out loud. Is that you?

Well, you are a the good UU that we’re looking for. Here’s your chance to break the silence! Become a part of the UUCLC Walking Campaign. Our mission is to get to know our neighbors and let our neighbors know who we are.

If you’re are interested in pioneering this newly-created UUCLC team, please email: office@uuchurchlc.org. On the Subject Line, type: walking campaign.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sermons On-line

Did you know that you can listen to many of Rev. Xolani’s sermons on-line? If you missed one of his sermons or just want to refresh your memory on one of the important topics he covers, then click on the Sermons tab of our website.

Website “Home” Tab

Don’t forget that we removed the “Home” tab on our website. Modern sites simply use their logo in place of a “Home” tab. If you want to return to the home page of our website, simply click on our flaming chalice logo on the upper left of any page.

Don’t Forget These Dates


Feb 3 through Mar 24 Auction Volunteer Signups

Can you spare 60 minutes as a Volunteer at the auction?

Last year, 40 people volunteered to help with some aspect of our annual auction.  The evening was an overwhelming success, but not all volunteers had the opportunity to participate, to bid on items or to enjoy the live entertainment.

This year, we want everyone to feel that they were part of the festivities.  We are looking for members to let us know that they are willing to volunteer ONE HOUR of their time on the DAY OF THE AUCTION!

There are many opportunities.  Pick one and sign-up on Sundays (Feb 3-Mar 24) or let us know and we’ll give you an assignment!

  • Assist with checking people in at the gate & issuing bid numbers
  • Monitor Silent auction bidding & answer questions
  • Serve beverages (or set up the bar) in one of two locations
  • Help set up, serve or clean up the food in the RE Great Room
  • Sell last-minute raffle tickets for the committee baskets
  • Plan food and activities for children as their parents enjoy the “real McCoy”
  • Float throughout the various locations to help out with last minute needs
  • Move raffle baskets from the Great Room to the sanctuary before the live auction begins
  • Be a spotter to help the auctioneer at the live auction
  • Help clean up, empty trash and break down tables so everyone can head for home by 9:00

Be a “Day Of The Auction” Volunteer – your one hour will help us make it a great night for everyone! Thank you – your 2019 Auction Co-chairs Ilene Steele and Linda Peterson

Feb 4 Roy Zimmerman RiZe Up Concert

Roy Zimmerman will be back in concert in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces sanctuary on Monday, February 4th at 7 PM.  Tickets will be $20 each, or pay what you can, available at the door.  RiZe Up is ninety minutes of Roy Zimmerman’s original songs, a funny and forceful affirmation of Peace and Social Justice. “Sometimes I think satire is the most hopeful and heartfelt form of expression,” says Roy, “because in calling out the world’s absurdities and laughing in their face, I’m affirming the real possibility for change.”

Roy’s songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime, and his videos have garnered tens of millions of views.  He has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records.  He’s shared stages with Bill Maher, Ellen DeGeneres, Holly Near, Robin Williams, Arlo Guthrie, John Oliver, Kate Clinton and George Carlin, and tours the country constantly with his wife and co-writer Melanie Harby.

Feb 15 Dining Out

February Dining Out is at 5:00 pm Friday, February 15, at Chala’s, 2790 Avenida de Mesilla. Please sign up in the lobby by Wednesday (13th). For information contact DiningOut@uuchurchlc.org.

Feb 17 Change-4-Change

Mark your calendars for February 17, 2019, noon to 1 PM, when Change-4-Change applicants will be asked to make a 5 minute presentation to the congregation, followed by members casting votes for the 4 organizations to receive our C4C offerings in the next four quarters.

Feb 23 Worship Leader Training

If you are interested in participating in Sunday worship services, add your name to those who plan to attend the Worship Training on Saturday, February 23rd, from 9 to 12.  Rev Kacela and the professional staff are planning an informative and inspiring morning.   If you envision yourself participating in worship services, or you are interested in finding out more about process of constructing services, please join us. Contact Katya Gonzalez, Rev. Kacela, Susan Freudenthal or Catherine Massey to add your name to the list!!   Katya will be sending out a reminder email about a week prior to the training.

Feb 23, Mar 23, and Apr 27 Book Study

Book Study – Waking up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving.  Want to figure out how to live up to our potential as a church in creating an inclusive, vibrant church that draws people from all cultures to find their spiritual path and create the beloved community we hope to become?  Then come join us in this book study and experience a wake-up call for white people who want to consciously contribute to racial justice rather than unconsciously perpetuate patterns of racism.

Carla Campbell and Jane Asche will facilitate a discussion based on reading this book at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on three Saturday mornings -February 23, March 23, and April 27 (the fourth Saturday of each month).  The book can be bought on Amazon for as little as $11.97 for paperback if you order early to allow time for delivery from a 3rd party dealer or you can purchase the Kindle Version for $8.69.  Carla and Jane both say, “the book gave me a whole new understanding of the twin partners of racism and privilege and what we can do to change the story in our community.

Mar 6 Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne Concert

Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne, of Legends of the Celtic Harp, will be in concert in the sanctuary on Wednesday, March 6th at 7:00 PM.  They will share the beautiful sounds and images of Celtic harps, rare instruments, and wondrous stories.  Tickets will be available at the door for $20, or pay what you can.

Board of Trustees


President Charlie Scholz

The Challenge of Evangelizing

The mission of this church is to live and spread the Unitarian Universalist ideals of religious freedom, personal religious responsibility, interdependence and openness.

Recently, our Minister challenged us to think about going door-to-door in our Las Cruces neighborhood and telling people about our Church. When he proposed this, I could see the looks of surprise on some peoples faces. And in the next few days I heard rumblings from a few members about this idea.

People appeared to be confused about the difference between evangelizing and proselytizing.

When you talk to someone about your Church or about your religious beliefs you are evangelizing.

Now I was raised in a Christian church that was big on evangelizing. We had teams of people who did go door-to-door in the community to invite people to come to church. But I also know that many members of those teams were convinced that if you were not saved, you were going to hell. And I’m sure they delivered that message to the people they contacted.

So, while they started out evangelizing, bringing the good news of their Christian faith to others, they ended up proselytizing, trying to convince others that they were lost.

But that’s not what we do here. When you talk to someone about your Church or about your religious beliefs you are evangelizing, not proselytizing. And this is not a new idea. Back in 2006 this Congregation said, “The mission of this church is to live and spread the Unitarian Universalist ideals of religious freedom, personal religious responsibility, interdependence and openness.”

If you are convinced that the principles of Unitarian Universalism are something that you can believe in and you’re proud of your Church and its accomplishments, then what are you waiting for?

Make evangelizing part of your mission, to spread the good news of Unitarian Universalism to your friends and to your neighbors and to your community.

In faith, Charlie Scholz, Board of Trustees President

Choir and Music


Catherine Massey
Catherine Massey

Music Notes

MUSIC NOTES, by Catherine Massey

The following is an excerpt from my reflections on my 20-year music ministry here, as shared in worship on January 27th:

Recently the Rev. Kathleen McTigue, President of the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice, dropped by during choir rehearsal.  We pulled out the piece based on her words—“May the Light Around Us Guide Our Footsteps”—and sang it for her.  The next day I emailed Sister Ester at Bethel Second Baptist Church to tell her the choir’s selections for the annual Spirituals concert next month.  And another day this week I let Beth Norton, Jason Shelton, and Sarah Dan Jones know we are using their music on this special day.  These illustrate some of the highlights of my life in this music ministry, and how much I and we have grown since my journey here began 20 years ago.

When the choir sings, they create a special community…

I believe I was called to music as a ministry here.  I believe my calling is to promote and support joy, wholeness and action in community through music.  When our congregation sings together, we are healthy, empowered and connected through our breath and voices.  We are unified through sound, even as we celebrate diversity through the styles and sources of music we choose to sing and hear. When the choir sings, they create a special community which serves our church’s mission with their work.  When other musicians in our congregation share their talents with the congregation, we are all enriched, and we learn something about them.  The music we make connects us to each other, and to those in the wider community.

If you can walk, you can dance.  If you can talk, you can sing.

Music can empower us all.  I believe that, especially in our culture, we each need to reclaim the joyous right to sing.  In Zimbabwe there is a proverb that says “If you can walk, you can dance.  If you can talk, you can sing.” There is no thought that anyone “can’t”—all are included in the dance and the song.  In our culture we have many damaged people—those told they “can’t sing.” I believe there is real harm in that message.  I continue to endeavor to create a safe space here, where everyone has permission to sing, no matter what they think they sound like, or what others might think.  It is important.

Music is one of our best tools for not just tolerating diversity, but celebrating it.  It is one thing to say we are welcoming of others.  It is quite another to sing in their language, whether literally or figuratively…Through songs like “All Lifted Hearts” we embody our Unitarian Universalist ideal of embracing the wisdom in many religions and cultures.  This is something we do here intentionally, and it is powerful.

Catherine Massey, Director of Music
UUMN Credentialed Music Leader

Religious Education


Susan Freudenthal
Susan Freudenthal

Expanding Love
Building Identity
Exploring Beliefs


Children and Youth Faith Formation

February’s theme for Children and Youth Faith Formation is trust.  To believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of something/someone.  Join us each Sunday as we unpack this theme intergenerationally.

Our STEAM projects will include two sessions on architecture this month including our favorite Unitarian Universalist, Frank Lloyd Wright. https://www.uuworld.org/articles/frank-lloyd-wrights-unitarian-universalist-churches

Hope to see you soon!  And bring the kids!

Adult Faith Formation Program

Faith formation is a team effort. Lead by staff, members and friends of the congregation, our mission is to help people grow by offering experiences that further the congregation’s mission.  In the coming months there will be a variety of things to participate in and should you feel the call to offer something yourself, please let me know.

Register for classes by email: susan@freudenthal.net or to schedule a conversation!

Meditation: please contact Reba Montera for details  rebamontera@gmail.com

Book Study:  Waking up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving.  Want to figure out how to live up to our potential as a church in creating an inclusive, vibrant church that draws people from all cultures to find their spiritual path and create the beloved community we hope to become?  Then come join us in this book study and experience a wake-up call for white people who want to consciously contribute to racial justice rather than unconsciously perpetuate patterns of racism.

Carla Campbell and Jane Asche will facilitate a discussion based on reading this book at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on three Saturday mornings -February 23, March 23, and April 27 (the fourth Saturday of each month).  The book can be bought on Amazon for as little as $11.97 for paperback if you order early to allow time for delivery from a 3rd party dealer or you can purchase the Kindle Version for $8.69.  Carla and Jane both say, “the book gave me a whole new understanding of the twin partners of racism and privilege and what we can do to change the story in our community.

Telling your story: Starting Soon! Written by . . . How many times have you thought, “I need to write that down. ”  Well, now’s your chance to get to do just that – write your own story. If you know the alphabet, you can do this, I promise. Your story won’t start at the beginning and go to the end either – boring.  This one will be different. Curious? Sign up for the class and discover the “possibilities.” Facilitated by Chris Ramsey Mondays February 4 – March 23 at 2:00-3:00 PM

Great Decisions Discussion Group – Refugees and Global Migration: Today, no countries have open borders. Every state in today’s global system has its own laws and policies about who is permitted to cross its borders, and how they will do so. Who determines whether someone is a refugee or a migrant? How have different countries, including the United States, reacted to migration? How effective are the international laws, policies and organizations that have evolved to assist and protect refugees and migrant.  This group follows the Foreign Policy Association’s essay reader and discussion guide. Additional topics will be chosen by the group. Facilitated by Susan Freudenthal. Start date: Thursday, Feb 21 Noon -1:30 PM

First Wednesdays Discussion Group: meet us in the Library for a lively conversation using materials from the Soul Matters program.  I can promise that we will veer off topic at least once! Bring your lunch. Facilitated by Susan Freudenthal in the Library at Noon-1:00 PM Feb.6th

Have you a great idea? A Passion or skill to share? Contact Susan Freudenthal and let’s talk about what you might do in Adult Faith Formation.

Adult Exploration depends on you!  What interests you?  Are you willing to lead or co-lead a book study?  A conversation? A class?  Fill out a request/proposal and I’ll help you make it happen.

Congregational Administration


Naoma Staley

I recall that last year, when we were searching for our new Minister, one of the things we discussed a lot was “shared ministry”. I understand that to mean that each person in the church is an “owner” of the ministry that we do at UUCLC. Also, I see it as an opportunity for each one of us to take ownership of our physical campus and administration of the church program as well. I write this note to each of you today to request that as you spend time on campus you contribute a little bit each time to the maintenance of our facilities. While we do have a part-time custodian, and I am a full-time Congregational Administrator, we cannot maintain our facilities, office, and operations without you, our beloved community! So, please keep in mind that– after you use the building for a meeting or special event, we always request that you take out the trash, sweep up the floor, and do some general straightening that will leave the church better than it was when you entered it! And, when you are here on a Sunday (or during the week!) and find that we are out of supplies, or someone left a message – please jump in! Ruben and I work together to receive and actualize feedback– as well as to collaborate with you to make UUCLC the best place it can be!

Naoma Staley, Congregational Administrator

If you are interested in being a part of the Facilities Committee, would like to learn more about the project prioritization process, or is simply interested in seeing the full priorities list, please contact me! Email: office@uuchurchlc.org, or (575) 552-7281.

Thanks to Our Greeters and Hospitality Hosts



Greeters for January were: Jack Welch, Gayle Trantham, Susan West, Chris Ramsey, Jo Ingle, Kris Northcutt, Judy Licht, Jane Asche, Lyn Pearson, Janet Pitt, Steve Welch, Joel and Peggy Brown, Tom Packard, Skip Shelton, Linda Peterson, Martha Loustaunau, Carol Winkler, Nora Brown, Jean Gilbert, Diane Lee, and Peggy Devlin. — Peggy Devlin & Joan Dormody, Greeter Coordinators

Generous Giving


We extend our thanks for the many special gifts made during the past month. Gifts to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund were given by Sally Atkinson, Bob and Shirley Davis, Rich and Rebecca Richins, and Jan Thompson. Gifts in memory of our late beloved member, James Herrick were made by Rita Decker, Lurene John, Julia Laney, Haney and Lyn Pearson, and Carol Winkler. Gifts in memory of our late beloved member, Barbara Bishop were received from Jeanne Gilbert, Haney and Lyn Pearson, Jan Thompson, and Carol Winkler. These gifts are greatly appreciated. (Jack Welch)

It is very easy to make a gift to the church through InFellowship. Donations in memory of members and friends become part of our Endowment Fund. These are gifts that keep on giving.

The Tombaugh Gallery


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, a collection of artwork by Maria Cristina will be featured at the Tombaugh Gallery during the month of February. All forms of nature are represented, from the tiniest creatures to towering mountains, from the bottom of the sea to the boundaries of the universe. In this collection Maria Cristina attempts to capture some of the aspects of that stream of life.

The gallery will host an opening reception on Sunday, February 3rd,  from 11:30 to 1:30. The show will end on Sunday, February 24.

Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 – 2. For details, contact Gallery@uuchurchlc.org, or call the church at 522-7281. The Tombaugh Gallery is located inside the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 South Solano Drive, Las Cruces, NM and is open Wednesday – Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. Visit the gallery on Facebook.

Regular Monthly Activities


Unless otherwise stated, all events will be held at the church. Please check the church’s online calendar to ensure the most recent times and places for these events. Newcomers are invited to participate in these activities.

Bridge Group plays bridge on the first, third and fifth Thursdays at 1:00 pm in the church lobby. If you want to play, be sure to contact Nancy Anderson bridge@uuchurchlc.org a few days before so we know the number of players.

Desert Spirit CUUPs is a Las Cruces chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. We practice and educate others on Earth-centered spirituality. We gather monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 6 pm for a potluck and either ritual or an informative class. All events are open to everyone interested in learning and/or growing in their spiritual path. Events held at the church unless otherwise noted. Visit http://www.facebook.com/desertspiritcuups or email lascrucescuups@gmail.com.

Dining Out: A different restaurant every month and dinner with church members. Signup sheets are in the church lobby on the welcome counter. You should sign up not later than the Wednesday prior to the dinner. Look in the church newsletter “The Light” for the exact time, date and location or contact DiningOut@uuchurchlc.org for more information or to reserve a place for the dinner.

Lunch Bunch is a weekly lunch-time get together. Everyone is invited to bring a lunch to the church library every Wednesday at 12:00 noon and enjoy the company of fellow Unitarian Universalists.

MoonSisters Group: This women’s group meets once monthly. Contact Cass Calway for more information or visit the group’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/342484072516356/

Quilting Bee: The UU Bee Welcome, meets every week in the church lobby. The Bee is open to all levels of quilters, both members and non-members. It welcomes all styles of quilting work from machine-quilting to hand-quilting to appliqué. The purpose of a quilting bee is to provide an opportunity for quilters to spend time together as they work on their individual quilting projects and exchange tips of the trade, encourage and support each other, share new ideas, deepen friendships, and generally have a good time. A $1 donation per quilter will be given at each session to cover the cost of utilities. The contact person is Chris Ramsey.

Unitarian Universalist Children’s Playgroups (all are welcome): Parents/caregivers must remain on site with their children. The members of the group plan outings, holiday celebrations and other activities together. Contact Susan Freudenthal, DRE, for more information.

Monthly Calendar: To get the information you need about the many and varied activities of our church, go to http://www.uuchurchlc.org/ and scroll down the page to the calendar and events listings.