Governing Documents

Governing documents are tools that help our leaders govern the church with fairness, consistency, and according to our democratic principles.

2019 Approved Bylaws

The church operates according to its bylaws. Our bylaws set forth the structure of the board and the church. They explain the rights of church leaders and members and the rules by which they exercise those rights. In other words, bylaws guide the church in conducting its business.

Our bylaws are a legal document that meets all federal and state requirements for 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.


Covenant of Right Relations

We, the Members and Friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, endeavor to create a community of loving kindness which fosters individual and community growth and promotes the dignity and self‐worth of all individuals, do affirm and covenant to interact with each other with openness, honesty, respect, patience, sensitivity and compassion. Toward this end, we agree to:

  • Listen with an open mind, seeking to understand and empathize with each other while embracing our diversity and differences.
  • Be clear in communications, reflecting before responding, and requesting and providing clarification when needed.
  • Remain engaged during discussions and place the well-being of the community above disagreement.
  • Endeavor to understand the behaviors, needs, and limitations of ourselves and others.
  • Acknowledge the right to express opinions freely, seeking to be constructive by making sure our communications are true and expressed in a kind and helpful manner.
  • Give and receive forgiveness and respect the confidentiality of personal information shared with us.
  • Inform ourselves of church processes and communications, and accept the responsibilities of membership in this community.

By committing ourselves to this covenant we shall build an environment of trust that promotes free and responsible discussion of ideas while cultivating an atmosphere of joy and celebration in our church community.


Child and Youth Safety 

Health and Illness

Communications Outreach


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