Topic: Contemporary Issue

A Contemporary Issue from a Religious Perspective

A worship service that puts a contemporary issue,sometimes a current social issue, into a religious and spiritual framework. The issue is often viewed through the lens of Unitarian Universalist principles. Our principles urge respect for all people and justice in our relationships with others. These services can be a call to further action. Often, they are a request for the congregation to think more deeply about the issue from a religious perspective.

Stewardship Sunday

The Ties That Bind Us Into Community. This is our annual kickoff for the stewardship drive. You can expect to hear inspirational messages about all of the good things the church is doing and important initiatives for the upcoming year.

Labor Day

On this Labor Day Sunday, let’s explore the concept of labor. Over the last few years, to “work” or not to “work” has become a thing. What is that all about? What role do labor unions play and how does all this relate to Unitarian … read more.

Letting Go

The need to let go and move on over and over in our lives.