Topic: Contemporary Issue

A Contemporary Issue from a Religious Perspective

A worship service that puts a contemporary issue,sometimes a current social issue, into a religious and spiritual framework. The issue is often viewed through the lens of Unitarian Universalist principles. Our principles urge respect for all people and justice in our relationships with others. These services can be a call to further action. Often, they are a request for the congregation to think more deeply about the issue from a religious perspective.

March 21 – Being Loved Through Loving

This service, which has a love theme, focuses on stewardship. What can UUs in Las Cruces learn about love and stewardship from our friends in Durango? We’ll celebrate love and generosity, and start a new relationship with another beloved UU community. Together, let’s feel the joy our spiritual communities make possible for us.

Mar 14 – Wisdom from the Ancient Stoics

What can we learn in the contemporary age from a group of wise people from the ancient age? The Stoics left us with a lot of wisdom that we need to consider. The Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette of Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation ( in Chandler, AZ originally preached this sermon.