Speaker: The Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell

The Dance of Caring

Simple acts of caring make the world a better place.  But caring isn’t always simple – sometimes it’s a balancing act between nurturing and boundary setting, between loving and letting go.  Mother’s Day seems a good day to explore this “dance of caring,” which parents … read more.

Evicting the Money Changers

The story of Jesus entering the temple and throwing out the money-changers is one of the best-known stories in the Bible.  It also speaks directly to our own time.  April 15, our country’s traditional tax day, seems a good time to re-examine this story and … read more.

Great Congregations Make Great Ministers

This summer, whether or not this year’s ministerial search results in a candidacy, you’ll be facing a ministerial transition.  That makes April a good time to consider the nature of ordained leadership in our free faith, and how it connects with the leadership and ministry … read more.

Holy Foolishness

Join the Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell, Susan Freudenthal, Catherine Massey, and others as we celebrate the rare and happy conjunction of Easter Sunday, the second full day of Passover, and April Fools’ Day.  Be prepared for some surprises, since that’s what these three feasts are all … read more.