Speaker: The Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell & SA Haney Pearson

Seasons of a Relationship

Some years ago, a psychologist named Susan Campbell noticed that, with the couples she was counseling, their relationships seemed to follow a predictable path, moving through various stages. She gathered her observations into a book, The Couple’s Jourey, which I’ve found helpful over the years. For … read more.

Jazz in Black and White

This is the first Sunday of Black History Month. For the past six summers, the Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell has accompanied her husband “way down yonder” to the Traditional Jazz Camp in New Orleans. In the course of these travels, she fell in love with the city and the music, and became fascinated by the complex history behind them.  This service in honor of Black History Month takes a thoroughly unsystematic look at the connections between Traditional Jazz, religion, and resistance.  Bring your parasols!