Speaker: Rev. Xolani Kacela and SA Gary Cockrell

April 4 – Easter

We explore the meaning of Easter as Unitarian Universalists living in turbulent period of world history. Yes, the Easter story still has wisdom for we postmodern Americans.

On March 31, 2021 the Reverend Nancy J Anderson marked the 25th anniversary of her ordination to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry.
We will celebrate her anniversary on Sunday during worship. Please plan to join us for this momentous occasion.

Mar 14 – Wisdom from the Ancient Stoics

What can we learn in the contemporary age from a group of wise people from the ancient age? The Stoics left us with a lot of wisdom that we need to consider. The Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette of Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation (www.vuu.org) in Chandler, AZ originally preached this sermon.