Resilience in these Days

We welcome Rev. Christine Robinson, Minister Emerita, First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque.

Resilience is that quality of humanity which gives us the grit to recover from the worst of times. During dreary times, it helps us make good decisions and find enough pleasure and meaning in life to keep on keeping on. It seems is short supply in our populace these days.  Or perhaps, it always is!  During this pandemic season, I have set myself to my first college-level course since I graduated from seminary 40 years ago. It’s an on-line Yale course titled “Pandemics from The Black Plague.”  That is, all three of them, including AIDS.   It seems that resilience is always a quality which is present in astounding measure in many people and lacking in others.  We’ll take a look at resilience–how to notice it, protect it, and promote it in our society.

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