January 17 – Joint service with the UU Congregation of Las Vegas – Re-Imagining King

We celebrate the annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Decades after Dr. King’s death, we continue struggling to make his vision of peace and racial harmony a reality. Let’s examine the progress we’ve made and explore how far we have to go.


We all have listened to the excerpts of Dr. King’s famous speeches.  Most Americans believe in much of what King said in terms of Equality, Justice and Racial Harmony.  But have you ever imagined Martin Luther King Jr as a UU minister? As the senior minister of one of our denomination’s historic congregations?  There was a dialog that went on with Dr. King about the possibility of this happening. Join us as we re-imagine our denomination with King as an active force for social change, moral courage to speak truth to power and progressive theological discourse.

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