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If you want to use this space, call our Congregational Administrator at 575-522-7281, or <fill out this F1 form> to get things started.

Select This Space For

  • Weddings
  • Memorials
  • Large meetings
  • Lectures
  • Concerts

Features of the Space


  • Sanctuary dimensions: 26′ X 54′, 1,404 square feet
  • The sanctuary seats 80 to 100 people comfortably, depending on how chairs are arranged. To accommodate larger groups, such as for a memorial service, the sanctuary’s double doors can be opened up to additional seating in the lobby
  • There is a full sound system in the sanctuary including stationary, stand-up, and hand-held microphones. Let us know if you want to use the sound system so that we can make arrangements with our audio/visual staff
  • You can make arrangements with our staff to show a video presentation on two large screens at the front of the sanctuary
  • There is a baby grand piano available, and there is also the ability to play a CDs: We can arrange for a pianist, if you need one


  • Lobby dimensions: 24′ x 23′, 552 square feet
  • The lobby is suitable as a receiving area or a small reception area (20 people standing) or as an extra seating area for large events in the sanctuary
  • The kitchenette includes a microwave, faucet and sink, plus a counter suitable for serving punch and hors d’oeuvre.

Requested Donation


See photographs of the space <this will be a link to pictures>


Our Great Room social hall is often used with the sanctuary and lobby to accommodate wedding and memorial receptions. A separate donation is requested if you wish to use the Great Room.

Our parking spaces and buildings are accessible to everyone. There is plenty of parking in both our north and south lots.