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We gather to inspire spiritual growth, to care for each other and our community, to seek truth and act for justice in the world.

Thur. July 9 through Wed. July 15

All Face-to-Face events are Cancelled until further notice. 

Please practice safety and physical distance during this pandemic. 

Sunday Schedule
Virtual Worship Service: 10:00 AM
ZOOM:  Meeting #108-028-211

Given the precautionary measures being taken to curb the spread of Coronavirus and to promote congregational fellowship we recommend hosting Zoom Meetings, FaceTime, Skype or other face-to-face platforms to create community during this time of social distancing. Consider hosing a virtual dinner party, discussion group or catch up with your UU friends and family using one of theses platforms.

UUCLC is using the free Zoom Meetings platform to host weekly Sunday Services. If you’d like to participate please read the following frequently asked questions about Zoom Meetings:

What do I  need to participate in Zoom Meetings? 
You can use your smartphone, Chromebook, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.
How do I download the Zoom Meetings Application?
Go to Zoom Support!
Android Users- Google Play to download Zoom Meetings App
iPhone/iPad Users – App Store to download Zoom Meetings App
Do I need WiFI access for Zoom? 
When your mobile device is running in 3G or 4G/LTE mode, the zoom app will only send a maximum of 1MB/min of data in accordance with Apple’s guideline for bandwidth usage for a data plan. It’s our recommendation to use WiFi when possible for the best overall experience.
In plain talk, no matter your device use WiFi otherwise you may use a lot of data.
How many participants can join a free Zoom Meeting? 
 If you have a Basic/Free you can have up to 100 video participants (including the host) in any of your meetings. These participants have two-way video, audio, and collaboration features.May 27, 2015
Note: If you have two people watching a Zoom Meeting on a single device that’s one “Zoom Meeting Participant.”  Therefore in order to make a Zoom Meeting, like a Sunday morning service, available to the greatest number of people please consider participating on Zoom Meeting on a single device per household. 

The Church has cancelled

all Face-to- Face Events

Until May 2021

Over the past several weeks, the UUA has consulted with multiple public health officials in order to update the guidance that was provided on March 12 recommending congregations stop gathering in person.

Based on advice from experts, the UUA recommends that congregations not gather in person. They also recommend that congregations begin planning for virtual operations for the next year (through May 2021). The UUCLC plans to adhere to this guidance until conditions change that permit re-gathering as a community in-person.


Rev. Xolani “xk” Kacela, Ph.D., Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces | (he/him/his) | Mobile: 919-949-2002

Sermons Online

Listen here.

Upcoming Worship Services

Change 4 Change for this Quarter – April, May and June 2020

Crossroads – alternative school at Las Cruces Public Schools

Disrupt the school to prison pipeline for students in the Las Cruces Public Schools. To support students with re-integration skills necessary for proper etiquette in their home campus settings and support students to excel in their education as they receive state-mandated core instruction during their long-term suspension.

Your check payable to “Unitarian Universalist Church” may be mailed to: 2000 S. Solano Dr, Las Cruces 88001, with “Change 4 Change” written in the memo line


You may pay by credit card by clicking on this Fellowship One link:  https://uuchurchlc.infellowship.com/UserLogin/Index?ReturnUrl=%2fonlinegiving%2fgivenow%2fstep1

Next Roundtable

No Events


Change-4-Change – Children’s Reading Alliance (CRA)

  • Beginning in July our Change-for-Change donations will go to the Children’s Reading Alliance (CRA).  Their “motto” of Raising Readers Together puts books into the hands of children who really need them.

Some children have no books in their homes and they believe all families should have access to books and learning experiences by reading together.  They provide thousands of books through the County during the summer.  They also partner with the Transit Authority to distribute gently used books to riders on their routes through Anthony, Chaparral and Sunland Park.  Later we’ll mention some of their other programs.

Please use InFellowship, Giving, pull-down option “Change-for-Change”, or  mail a check to “Unitarian Universalist Church” with memo: Change-for-Change, in support of the Children’s Reading Alliance!

Save Those Calendars

  • Already, I have received 2 calendars for 2021 from 2 different organizations: Defenders of Wildlife, and The Nature Conservancy. It must be time to let you all know how much calendars are appreciated by the families who have to get food at Casa de Peregrinos.

I usually don’t start distributing the calendars until December, so it would be good for you to find a place in your home to keep your extra calendars until November when I will make arrangements to get them from you.  Maybe your friends and neighbors would also like to participate in this project that is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you,  Jan Thompson

Peaceful Demonstration for Black and Brown Lives Matter

  • Please join us July 23, Thursday morning, at 8:00 am.  We will stand for an hour at 2000 South Solano Drive.

This is an opportunity for great visibility for the church and a way to keep the racial justice momentum going.  We have signs available or bring your own.  Sponsored by the Multicultural Discussion Group, as part of the church.  Please contact Shirley Davis for information.

Remember: Wear a Mask and stand at a Social Distance!

Zoom Services on Sunday Morning

We have had several complaints about the Chat feature being distracting during the Zoom Virtual Worship Service.  For this reason, it will be disabled during the worship service.  The chat will be on before and after service but not during the service.  We don’t encourage people to chat during a regular worship service because it would disturb others, for this reason we will have it disabled at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration in this matter. – Rev. Xolani Kacela

No Church Camp-Out This Year

The date we would normally have the Annual Church Camp-out is only a week away and some people asked whether we plan to have one this year. The Corvid-19 virus is of course the problem, and it still is a problem.  Mark July 2021 on you calendar.  Better days are ahead. – James J. Basler

Calling all WomenSpirit Participants!

Please Save the Date!!  September 18 – 20 for WomenSpirit 2020

  • Look for registration forms to come out later — available on the UUCLC website. — If you have any questions, please email Sara Thomas.

We hope you are staying well and healthy. In this challenging year, WomenSpirit 2020 will do its best to rise to the challenge. While it is difficult to plan for something happening in September, we have decided to continue our tradition but include as many safety precautions as necessary to protect the health and safety of our women. The Sacramento Conference Center has assured us that they will follow any orders our Governor sets for the number of people allowed to gather in one place or any other restrictions. They are also making any necessary changes to their housekeeping, and working to make sure everything will be thoroughly sanitized.

By September, we anticipate that there will be fewer restrictions. We have a great conference planned with the theme “Awakening Love”. Because of the fluid nature of this pandemic, plans may have to be changed, sometimes on short notice. You know your health and comfort level best, and should make decisions accordingly. We hope you decide to join us!

Weekly Virtual Choir Gathering

The UUCLC Choir continues to have a Virtual Gathering every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Catherine A Massey, UUA Credentialed Music Leader, Director of Music dm@uuchurchlc.org

Use Credit Card or US Mail to Make Your Contributions

There are two ways to contribute to the church with your credit card:  Use this FellowshipOne link   OR  enter into FellowshipOne through our uuchurchlc.org website.  From the pulldown “Members” menu you will click on “Member Utilities”.  From here you will click either “InFellowship Giving” or”InFellowship Scheduled Giving”.  Your email (used to get your church email) is entered on the next screen.  If you are setting up FellowshipOne Giving for the first time, you need to set up your password by following the instructions.

OR you may use the Church Mailing Address:  Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 S. Solano Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88001   (Please do not use a PO Box – the church no longer has one)

Non-Auction Fundraiser

Unfortunately, the postponement of the auction until next year will be a burden on the church’s annual budget. Everyone who was planning on spending money at the auction, please consider donating to the church. This will help offset the loss of auction proceeds. Below is the link to the Church InFellowship to donate with a credit card. Choose the “Contribution to Non-Auction Fundraiser”.  https://uuchurchlc.infellowship.com/onlinegiving/givenow/step1   If you haven’t created an account yet you may do so from this link also.  If you would rather send a check, please make a notation on the memo of the check “Non-Auction Fundraiser” and mail to the church: Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 S. Solano Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88001

I hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times. You are all on my mind and positive thoughts for everyone’s health and happiness. I look forward to seeing everyone in person on the other side of this pandemic. – Kathy Willoughby, Auction Chair

Joy, Sorrow or Milestone link on uuchurchlc.org

The UUCLC webpage has a new link expressly for submitting Joys, Sorrows or Milestones. The link is located in the top-right corner of the homepage and can be accessed by clicking on the text. It will take you directly to a form that can be completed confidentially. When you click “Submit” the “JSM” goes directly to Rev. Kacela, only.

If you would like your “JSM” shared with the Caring Team and/or congregation or kept confidential, please specify your wishes in the form. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and will not divulge any concerns deemed confidential. If you would like your “JSM” shared, we will do so at Joys & Sorrows during Sunday worship.

Congregations as Employers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the UUCLC is maintaining full staffing, although staff are working at their home base. We feel it is important to continue paying fair compensation to all staff during this period. To support our ongoing ministry, we encourage you to maintain your financial commitment to the congregation. Remain calm; do not panic over your finances. If you have been separated due to the pandemic, please let us know. We are here as your faith family and have resources. We invite you to read the memo below from the UUA on congregational finances and best practices. http://www.uuchurchlc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/covid-19_staffing_and_finances_memo3.pdf

Dated Activities

The Church has cancelled All Face-to-Face Events until May 2021

Every face-to-face event and gathering is cancelled at this time!

The Tombaugh Gallery

Exhibits are CANCELLED until May 2021 !

  • The Church has cancelled All Face-to-Face Events until May 2021


We will maintain closed campus.  All activities will be suspended, except via on-line platforms, to protect all persons’ health and well-being.

We appreciate your continued support of our congregation and its ministries during this unusual and trying time.

For details contact Gallery@uuchurchlc.org, or call the church at 522-7281.

The Tombaugh Gallery is located inside the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 South Solano Drive, Las Cruces, NM. Visit the gallery on Facebook.

Thu July 9, 2020 — Wed July 15, 2020


8:00 am--9:00 am – CANCELLED: Peaceful Protest: Black & Brown Lives Matter! – Church Campus

1:00 pm--3:00 pm – UUCLC Library Hours – Library


5:00 pm--7:00 pm – T.G.I.F. Zoom Get Together – Private Location


7:00 pm--8:00 pm – Virtual Choir Gatherings – Private Location


6:00 pm--8:00 pm – Board of Trustees Virtual Zoom Meeting – Private Location