October Light

Newsletter of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, Vol. 68, Num. 10

Services Every Sunday of the Year
We are a transformational Force for Love and Justice in Our Community
We gather to inspire spiritual growth, care for each other and our community, seek truth, and work for justice.

Office Administrator, Cheri Coffelt is working from home; her hours are M-F 9:30-4:30
Join us for Zoom Worship Sunday at 10 AM, See past worship services on our YouTube channel
Deadline for Light submissions is the 25th of every month.

Message From The Social Justice Committee

Transportation is a significant contributor to human-caused climate change. Please consider leading or attending virtual meetings using Zoom.


Words From Our President
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The Tombaugh Art Gallery

Our President

Susan Hychka

The Ties That Bind Us Into Community

COVID has caused turmoil and trouble throughout the world. It’s no secret that times have been tough for all sorts of businesses and organizations, and it’s a fact that businesses and organizations, including churches, will fail. Here’s why I believe that the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces will not fail:

1. Lacking a minister, our Sunday Services Committee members work together to plan and deliver services with relevant and positive messages.
2. Our Certified Music Minister shoulders the responsibility for choosing music to soothe our troubled minds, and she offers words of comfort and hope.
3. Our choir rehearses weekly and sings on most Sundays, adding to the quality of our experience.
4. Our Religious Education director and her dedicated religious education volunteers provide vibrant programming and a caring and stable presence for our youth.
5. Hospitality volunteers now provide coffee outside so we can gather for conversation and enjoy being a part of this diverse, loving community.
6. Our revitalized Membership Committee actively welcomes and orients visitors and encourages newcomers to get involved and to consider joining us.
7. Committees, the engines that support and further our mission, offer ways to serve the wider community and connect with and support our members.
8. Interest groups and covenant groups provide opportunities to learn and discuss our individual spiritual journeys and searches for truth and meaning.

These are important ties that bind us into community, the theme for our 2023 Stewardship Campaign. Being a good steward for this church is within reach for all of us. Stewards provide gifts of time, talents, and treasure. As Steve Goodier, a United Methodist minister, reminds us, “Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give.”

Of course, continuing the good work listed above will require funding, but little will be accomplished without gifts of your time and talents. Join us on October 9 after the church service for our Visioning Action Day. Enjoy an Italian lunch and participate in a fun whole-group activity to help define who we are and want to be as a church. Then join one of three interest groups that will take ideas offered during the Visioning Circles and turn them into action plans. We can do this!

Board of Trustees

Board Officers

President: Susan Hychka 
Vice President: Roy van der Aa 
Secretary: Sara Thomas 
Treasurer : Jan Thompson

Members at Large: 

Skip Shelton
John Seeley
Gary Cockerell
Robert Floyd
Jennifer Trantham

Full board minutes are sent to church members in a private emailing.

Religious Education

Kellie Ingram, Director of Religious Education

Picture of director of religious education

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” Oscar Wilde 

Living in this beautiful New Mexico desert, we have a different kind of autumn. Our leaves will eventually turn yellow, our fireplaces will mostly be for show, and our flipflops will turn into house shoes! For me personally, there are two wonderful attributes to Fall. One- is that my oldest child was born on October 1st. And two- is that the end of summer marks the beginning of the Holiday seasons!  

I absolutely love to decorate my house; we even have a “year-round” holiday tree that sits in our living room. However, my very favorite thing about the Fall- is Halloween! This year the Religious Education program is hoping to host another Trunk or Treat on the church campus. Last year’s event was a lot of fun! We had almost a dozen trunks for treating, including a fortune tellers booth, bowling station, and a homemade limbo set. All of our participating youth happily went home with baggies filled with candies and prizes. 

If any friends and families of UUCLC would like to add to this years Trunk or Treat, please reach out to me, Director of Religious Education Kellie Ingram, or other Religious Education Committee members for info. While details are still a work in progress, donations of candies, prizes, and or your time is greatly appreciated. Some of our anticipated booths will need hosts and of course if anyone has a great idea for a trunk, you are more than welcome to join us. 

The end of summer was an eventful time for the Religious Education program. Our In-Gathering service marked the youths return to the sanctuary for the start of Sunday services. Parents and teachers, agree having the students participate in the chalice lighting, affirmation of covenant, and doxologies is an important part of this community. It also offers our congregants a reminder of our youths’ presence, as they slowly begin to take part in songs and stories.  

Religious Education also hosted a Tie-Dye event in September. Thirteen youth joined under the shade outdoor structure to create colorful t-shirts and socks. All with the intention of having something fun to wear while participating in the upcoming Las Cruces Pride Parade. October will be a busy month for Religious Education and we look forward to sharing our time and space with others.  

Music and Choir

Catherine Massey, Director of Music



Do what makes your heart sing!  There is so much to be concerned about in the world and in our community now, that sometimes it’s easy to forget the things that really give us strength.  In September, 2021 I took my first trip to Paris alone to see the final work of my favorite artist, Christo (staying for two weeks so that I could see as much of the city as possible).  That was the trip of a lifetime, and I’ll never be sorry I went—such a rich trove of memories were added to my inner life.  I went to museums, parks, a concert and an opera, and spent lots of time at “L’Arc de Triomphe—Wrapped.”  

I have come to recognize almost instantly when that little light comes on in my soul, telling me that I need to do this for the joy of it—my heart really sings!  When I follow that, I find things work out to help make it happen, and it gives me energy for all of those daily actions required to help make the world a better place.   

Recently that happened again.  I streamed much of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition last June, as I do every four years (five this time because of COVID), and loved so much of what I heard.  But I really loved two competitors from the beginning, and the Gold medalist was one of them.  At 18, Yunchan Lim from Seoul is the youngest Cliburn Gold medalist in the history of the competition, but his musicianship is well beyond his numerical age.  He is one of the great ones. 

In September it occurred to me to check the El Paso Symphony schedule because they usually book the Cliburn Gold medalist in their first year on tour.  Sure enough, he was listed!  When I went online to get tickets, I found another special event—he was giving a private recital at a home in El Paso for special donors.  Well, I quickly became a donor and made that drive into the city on a Tuesday to have one of the most special musical experiences of my life.  It turns out that my seat partner had been at the Finals in Ft. Worth and heard his performance of Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Piano Concerto—the last performance of the competition.  When he finished, this woman said that conductor and Jury Chair Marin Alsop turned around and had tears streaming down her face, and the audience applause went on and on.  This is no ordinary pianist!  I had the pleasure of hearing him in that intimate setting, and then again at the Plaza Theatre with the Symphony.  Brahms, Schumann, and Beethoven, interpreted memorably in brand new ways. 

There is a group of people in our congregation who literally sing with their hearts, and that is our choir.  No matter what kind of Tuesday I’ve had, I feel better after being with them in rehearsal.  We are all following our hearts to bring music to our worship services, and I believe it makes all of our lives better.  I recommend finding what makes your heart sing, and doing that! 

Administration and Staff

Mike Yaczko

New Tech Staff by Katie Fitzgerald

Mike Yaczko is our new tech lead. He has primary responsibility for the Sunday ZOOM cast, slide production, soundboard. If you have announcements or material that needs to be part of the Sunday Service please forward it to him at michael@uuchurchlc.org. Mike has his own blog and broadcasting business which fits in well with our congregational tech needs.

Chris Neal Wallace, who volunteered his services during August after the abrupt departure of our previous techs, will provide assistance to Mike during the transition.

Down the road, both Mike and Chris have made it their priority to ensure that the Roundtable and Service Zoom files are uploaded to the church’s YouTube channel.

Both can be reached at tech@uuchurchlc.org if you have pictures or suggestions for updates to our social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Favorites include First Friday Game Night, Hospitality after the service, etc.

Committees and Programs

Caring Committee by Joan Dormody

The Caring Committee Wants to Care For You!

The Caring Committee is here for you! If you need assistance of any kind, or know someone who does, please reach out to Joan Dormody or Hale Huber.  They are both listed in the phone directory. If you would like to volunteer to assist this important ministry, please let us know. We have our updated Caring Ministry flyer which is available at church, and you can fill it out the section on how you can help. You can also do this easily online at this link: https://www.uuchurchlc.org/members/i-care-i-can-help/

Everyone is welcome to join our Caring Conversations on Wednesdays at 9:00 am on Zoom. The Caring Conversation Guide and Zoom link are available in the Week at a Glance which Cheri sends out every Monday and The Light.

We also have brochures available in the lobby and the library with information about resources, assistance and providers for residents of Las Cruces and surrounding areas. 

Communications by Lyn Pearson

Sunday Worship Screens

If you work with Sunday Services and you are a worship leader or associate, please remember to submit any pictures for the screens in PDF format. Our audio-visual technologists cannot display images that are simply printed on a piece of paper; specifically, photos or maps need to be in PDF.

Computer and Telephone Scams

There are a whole variety of money scams that are running by telephone and computer and it will only get worse leading up to the election and holidays. Please be aware that no government agency, either state or especially federal, will threaten you over the telephone or ask you for your social security number, bank numbers, or credit card numbers. If you receive something that appears to be suspicious or even questionable by email, NEVER open the attachment and always look at the sender’s email address. If someone is contacting you from a New Mexico state government office their email address will end with @state.nm.us while a federal government email will usually have the agency’s initials followed by .gov. Like this xxxxx@bls.gov or xxxx@irs.gov. You can always directly contract the government agency if you’re not sure. If you have questions, please contact me.

To Our Light Contributors

Every month, The Light newsletter is a joint effort by at least 18 people including myself, Cheri Coffelt, and our program and committee leaders. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for getting submissions in on time. You may notice some occasional editing of your pieces and wonder why this is necessary.

  1. Space is at a premium for calendar and worship events, Roundtable descriptions and articles. The Light used to be strictly capped at 11 pages but we’re now exceeding 20 pages some months. We’ll edit articles for white space wherever possible and if the article has a byline, we’ll generally remove a closing that repeats the byline — all to save a bit of space.
  2. Did you know that sight-impared people can can read The Light using a speech output system that reads screen text out loud? Special software programs (called screen readers) “read” computer screens and speech synthesizers “speak” the text. These readers often have difficulty interpreting initials or acronyms like Ave, Dr, St, or Rd. Symbols can present issues to screen readers; for example &, %, #, and so on. Terms like RE, DRE, and UUA might not mean much to someone listening to The Light. So when possible and reasonable, we’ll “fill in the blanks” by spelling out certain abbreviations, acronyms, and even symbols.
  3. We often shrink the size of pictures to save space. We also compress them to help web pages load faster.


Samhain (sow-wen) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is held on November 1 but begins on October 31 since the Celtic day began and ended at sunset. The Celts believed that the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead were blurred and that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. The people of the villages wore masks to fool the dead and carved turnips to put candles in to light their way in the dark. In Ireland, mumming was the practice of putting on costumes, going door-to-door and singing songs for the dead, soul cakes were given out as a reward. If some of this sounds familiar to you it should, most of the modern day Halloween traditions have very ancient roots.

Desert Spirit CUUPS will celebrate Samhain on October 22 in the Religious Education great room starting at 6 PM with a potluck supper. All are invited.

Pagan Pride Day is October 15. If you would like to learn more about Paganism, have your fortune told, watch drummers and dancers or shop till you drop, come on out to Pioneer Women’s Park on Saturday, October 15, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wheel-of-the-year.png

Yule: Celebrates the winter solstice
Ostara: Celebrates the spring equinox
Beltane: Celebrates May Day
Litha: Celebrates the summer solstice
Lughnasadh: Celebrates the beginning of the harvest season
Mabon: Celebrates the autumnal equinox
Samhain: Marks the end of summer, and the end of the harvest season. It signals the beginning of winter. On this day, pagans believe the veil between the living and the dead is especially thin.

Dining Out by Janet Martinique

It has been so long since the UUCLC Dining Out group has been able to meet.  For those who are new to UUCLC, the Dining Out Group has been a long standing group that meets once a month, third Friday at 5:30 for dinner at a local restaurant (different each month by suggestion of the group) to eat, visit and get to know each other. RSVP’s are important to reserve the seats.

The idea of the group is still here.  Are you ready to start meeting again? We would like to hear from you on whether Yes or No.  We can begin in November and decide together on a location, or we can wait and do the traditional Christmas gathering at Agua Reef on Roadrunner Parkway.

Please respond to Janet Martinique jmarq952@yahoo.com with your ideas and feelings or if you want to be added to the email list.  I look forward to your responses.

Facilities by Charlie Scholz


We painted the little kitchen off the Foyer in the same color as the Foyer. We also installed a TV monitor in the Foyer. This is connected to the video system in the Sanctuary and can be used for viewing by overflow crowds in the Foyer. Thanks to Bill Fitzgerald and Dave Rice for their excellent work in painting and for help with the installation. Thanks, too, to Elwin Nunn for the donation of the monitor.

Allied Security has installed ten cameras around the perimeter of the property. These cameras are monitored through a system in the Office/Library building as well as being accessed through cell phone apps. As we noted last month, this system will not protect us against vandalism, but it will help us to identify anyone who commits it.

We also purchased a number of folding tables for use at food events. These are light-weight plastic tables which replace the heavy (and ugly) wooden ones we sold at the yard sale.

Finance by Katie Fitzgerald


This month kicks off development of the 2023 budget.  Committee and program chairs met on August 29th via ZOOM to discuss budget priorities.   Members and friends of the congregation are invited to attend the Finance Committee meeting on September 13th at 7:00 PM via ZOOM to provide their input into the budget.  

October will be Stewardship Month.  In October, the Finance Committee invites members of the congregation to another evening meeting via ZOOM to help flesh out budget priorities. As the pledge drive will not be complete the budget will still be a work in progress.  However, the entirety of the November meeting will be devoted to 2023 budget development. This is important as the Board of Trustees needs final figures to their work before publishing a finishing product and arranging a congregational meeting. 

This is a golden opportunity for any and all who want a part in the budget planning to have their voices heard.  Reminders and links will go out in the Week at a Glance just prior to the meeting.  Of course, if you are unable to attend due to schedule conflicts, written input is very welcome!   

Hospitality Rotation Schedule

This schedule is now permanently located on the Members page of our website under Sunday Hospitality Rotation.

Library by Rabbitt Loring

Library Calling for Volunteers

The Library Committee recently met and came up with some wonderful ideas. If you have a love of books, a desire for new and exciting information, and a desire to share camaraderie with like-minded others in our congregation, you can volunteer to help implement these ideas. We are also in need of more volunteers to keep our regular library hours.

An exciting idea was to put more emphasis on the Common Read. This is a book chosen each year by the UUA, intended for discussion by UU congregations throughout the country. We could have a group that would meet for several sessions to study this book and report their insights to the congregation. Many have social justice implications and all have relevance to our UU Principles. The library orders a copy of the Common Read when it is announced. If a group would like to discuss this book together, individuals can obtain hard copies or ebooks from the UUA website (uuabookstore.org), ABE books, Amazon or Libby (Branigan online library) so that the library does not have to stock multiple copies. In addition to the Common Read, if you want to see any particular book in the library, we welcome your requests.

Suggestions have often been made to have a book group that would meet regularly, maybe once or twice a month. The group can now meet in person in the library. We welcome anyone who would like to organize such a group.

Regular library hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm. You can bring in your aluminum Cans for Critters and donations for the Little Free Pantry at these times. As always, your book donations are always welcome. See you in the Library!

Membership by Lyn Pearson

Besides myself, our other committee members are: The Reverend Nancy Anderson, Cathy Cox, Jeff Harris, Lori Miller, Lindsay Neal, Carol Stanfill, and Mark Sukontarak. We meet every other Tuesday morning for an hour and a half.

In September, we made roughly 30 member contacts, either by telephone or cards. This is part of our effort to contact many of our members who may not have been in church for one reason or another over the past few years. A number of these folks were gratified that we reached out to them.

Mark Sukontarak is developing a greeter appreciation event to recognize all of the people who regularly step up on Sundays to greet folks arriving for the Sunday service.

Nancy Anderson, Jeff Harris, and myself met to discuss the tasks needed to revitalize our existing Covenant Groups and build new ones. Jeff is an old hand at small group ministry and a wonderful addition to our committee. You can expect to hear more about this project as things develop but our goal is to have new groups available by the first of the year. We currently have a number of people awaiting group assignments so one of Jeff’s first tasks is to train new group facilitators.

Nancy Anderson is scheduled to have a New UU class beginning October 16. The class is open to everyone, not just our new members. We urge you to attend all four sessions since they are interconnected. If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact Cheri Coffelt in the church office.

Carol Stanfill will be taking pictures of as many of our new members as possible and posting them in the church lobby along with their name(s) and a brief personal paragraph.

The committee is working on a new fellowship project although we haven’t decided on a name for it yet. Many Unitarian Universalist churches have periodic “Circle Suppers.” We know we don’t want to limit ourselves to supper/dinner so we have to come up with a better name for these events. Any suggestions?

Here’s a brief summary of what we think we’ll end up with: breakfasts, lunches, or dinners 4 times a year (every three months) at various times and places around town. Hosts will be asked to supply a main dish and drinks while guests will bring other parts of the meal. Hosts will be asked provide for up to six guests as our intent is to maintain small gatherings. Hosts will be able to set their preferred time and type of meal. Guests will have the opportunity to sign up for the meal of their choice. As you can imagine, the committee has a number of logistical issues to consider but we hope to roll out this project at the first of the year.

If your address, email address, or phone number(s) has changed you can update them in InFellowship or simply contact Cathy Cox by email or phone.

Social Justice

Change for Change

Beginning in October the Change for Change offering will benefit the NAACP of Dona Anna County (NAACP-DAC).  Funds collected will be used as seed money for youth outreach and memberships in support of this year’s theme; “Always Fighting Forward.”  With a recommendation from the Social Justice Committee, the Board approved the use of a church meeting place without charge to the NAACP-DAC as a demonstration of our commitment to the 8th Principle. 

Cooking Classes at the J. Paul Taylor Center 

Elwin Nunn and Peggy Devlin completed our eighteenth cooking class at the J. Paul Taylor Center.  In these classes students receive hands-on experience in meal preparation and enjoy consuming their self-prepared meal. 


Please vote!  Early voting begins October 11 at the County Government Center on Motel.  For full information visit https://www.donaanacountyelections.com/election-information/

Election Information – Dona Ana County Elections BureauThe 2022 Primary Election took place on June 7, 2022. Unofficial results for that election can be found on the Secretary of State’s website donaanacountyelections.com

Please support the GO Bond levy for the City of Las Cruces.  This levy includes substantial funding to increase the availability of affordable housing, which is of course an issue near and dear to everyone at Mesilla Valley Community of Hope. Access to affordable housing is inextricably linked with the issue of housing instability, and we won’t see any progress on this front until housing access improves, so please vote YES on the GO Bond. This will not increase your taxes– it will just require the City of Las Cruces to direct funding towards this issue.

Sunday Services by Katie Fitzgerald

To use a baseball metaphor, the Sunday Services Committee is rounding third and heading for home! We have sketched out tentative plans for services for the remainder of the year.  Thanks to the many volunteers among our congregation who have offered services or been service associates through the past 8 months.  We could not have done it without YOU!  As Charlie said in a recent homily, “IN UNITY there is STRENGTH.”

October has a diverse and hopefully, attractive array of services for the coming month.  Oct.2 is Stewardship Sunday with music provided by the Carlson’s.   On Oct 9, we will welcome Matt Meyer and his toe tapping brand of musical performance.  The Rev. Carolyn Wilkins will once again serve as guest minister on October 16th. On Oct. 23, we will honor the kinship between human beings and all other animals.  The Rev. Dr. Russell Elleven will be our service leader, ably assisted by David Steele.  The last Sunday of the month, Oct. 30th Brooks Lewis will lead a celebration of Samhain, Day of the Dead.  We hope that you will find your way to attend either in the Sanctuary and via ZOOM.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS the UUCLC is planning for both a Christmas Eve Carol Service 6 PM and another on Christmas Day 10 AM.

Items of Interest

Generous Giving by Jack Welch

We, again, thank Jeanne Gilbert for her recent gifts (plural) given in memory of her late husband, Bill. It is good of Jeanne to remember Bill and, at the same time, support her church community. 

Our “Tents to Rents” Fund has far exceeded it’s goal of $1,000. Thank you to the many contributors to this Social Action project in support of our local Mesilla Valley Community of Hope.  As of “press time” the period of giving remains open. A full report will be forthcoming. Thank you all.

Thanks to Our September Greeters

Nancy L. Anderson, Ginny Herrick, Diane Lee, Gillian Leng, Lisa Peterson, John Seeley, Clair Shawhan, Carol Stanfill, Mary Whittemore, and Julie Woody.


Not today, not this minute or even this week but by January we need to have identified a new chair or co-chairs for the Auction Committee. Bill and Katie Fitzgerald are stepping aside which opens an opportunity for new ideas and energy to help lead one of our most successful fundraising activities. The Fitzgerald’s reassure us that they will provide support and assistance to the new chair(s) so we have the makings of a WIN-WIN for the congregation. If you have questions or are interested, please contact Susan Hychka, Board President or Katie Fitzgerald.

Hospitality Thank You’s for September

Please thank the following groups for taking care of hospitality on these dates by making coffee and tea water, setting up tables and chairs, setting out and serving goodies for you to eat, and cleaning up afterward:

Sept 4 – Seekers Covenant Group, supplemented by Hospitality Committee
Sept 11 – Membership Committee
Sept 18 – Finance Committee
Sept 25 – Social Justice Committee

Note next month in October there is a 5th Sunday  on October 30th which is open sign up.

Little Pantry

Please support our Little Free Pantry.  

We try to stock the pantry with beverages (water or juices), single-portion, easy-open (pop-top) cans of veggies, fruits or meats, and raw fruits and veggies from gardens which do not require cooking, small bags of pet foods and personal hygiene items (such as diapers, hand soap, shampoo). 

We accept donations to our little blue wagon in the lobby at Sunday services or at the church library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3 PM. 

Events of Note

Oct 1 – Pride on the Plaza 2022 

Show your Pride at Southern NM Pride on the Las Cruces Plaza on Saturday, October 1st. There are a couple of ways you can participate as part of a UUCLC presence. First, sign up for a short shift (one hour) in our UUCLC booth, which our own Linda Rogers has paid for and arranged for the best location, right next to the stage on the left. Second, you can also walk in the parade at 4:30pm in UU T-shirts or rainbow gear holding our church banner. It’s done on sidewalks around about half of the big loop around the mall starting at the stage. There’s a decorate your wagon contest as part of the parade if you’re interested.  Or you can just attend Pride on the Plaza anytime from from 5pm 10pm and check out the many vendors, food trucks, and lots of entertainment! It’s a family event (kids are welcome to sign up for shifts in our booth along with their parents). Check the SNM Pride website for a full listing of events during the week before Oct 1st.  

It’s easy to sign up for church booth shifts, just contact Sara Thomas. There are 5 shifts with 2 people needed at each slot: 4:30pm to 5:30, 5:30 to 6:30, 6:30 to 7:30, 7:30 to 8:30, and 8:30 to 9:30. Help others in the community to know that we are here for them. 

Oct 6 – Community Round Up

It’s here – Community Round Up is October 6th by Zoom at 7pm

What is Community Round Up? It a communication forum for UUCLC committees and groups to let others know what they’re doing, and even what they could use help with. Committees are strongly suggested not to miss this opportunity to send a representative to bring their events and needs out to the rest of our church. Covenant groups are welcome too, especially those who may choose to help with a service project or one-time event. The format and frequency of the Round Ups will be determined by those attending the first meeting. Zoom links will be sent to all committee chairs and covenant facilitators to forward to their chosen representative. Expect to be very brief in your requests. If unable to attend, you may send no more than one paragraph to Sara Thomas to be read on your behalf. If you have questions, please contact Sara Thomas.

Oct 8 – Harvest the Power #1: Leadership Journey

Marie Sauter with Kellie Ingram – This workshop serves as an introduction to the Harvest the Power program, presenting key concepts and inviting participants to share their own leadership stories.

Oct. – 9 Visioning Action Day

Immediately following the Service

Please plan to join us for UUCLC Visioning Action Day on Sunday, October 9th following the church service. This is to follow up the widely shared Visioning Summary Report released on Sept 2nd. Don’t miss your chance to help the wonderful suggestions you shared in The Visioning Circles to become a reality.

Immediately after the service, Chef Bill Fitzgerald will serve an Italian lunch under the tents on the lawn. Next, Jennifer Trantham and Sara Thomas will lead you and other participants in a fun and interactive activity to help define who we are and want to be a church.

Then participants will divide into one of three interest groups as outlined in the Visioning Summary: Community Building, Community Outreach and Church Structure/Governance. Each group will be facilitated by church leaders familiar with that area using the ideas suggested in the Visioning Process by congregation members.

With your interest, enthusiasm and effort, ideas can become action plans that enhance our vision for all UUCLC can be.  All sessions will end by 2:30pm. Please attend this important work creating positive connections for our church.

To get a head count for lunch, RSVP to Cheri (office@uuchurchlc.org) by Oct 5th. Specify any special dietary requirements such as Vegetarian or Gluten Free. If you are willing to provide a dessert, please let us know. Questions? Ask Sara Thomas.

Oct 16, 23, 30, and Nov 6 – New UU Class

NOTE: The class dates have been changed to avoid conflict with Visioning Action Day. If you already signed up for this class, please note the change in dates; the class will start on October 16 and end on November 6. Please call the church office if this change affects your ability to attend the class.

If you are new or not so new to our UUCLC Community, we’d like to welcome you. And we’d like to invite you to get to know us better. In October we will offer a series of four classes designed just for you to learn more about our church and Unitarian Universalism.

If you’d like to participate, call the church office to register by October 2nd. 575-522-7281.
Leave your name and contact information. We hope to see you there!!

WHEN: Sundays, October 16, 23, 30, and November 6
TIME: 11:30 – 1:30 PM (bring a brown bag lunch)
WHERE: Religious Education building
FACILITATOR: Rev. Nancy J Anderson, Minister Emerita

For questions, please contact the church office, and you will be put in touch with Rev. Anderson. Note: Priority will be given to new members and those interested in joining. If you are a longer time member, you can join in as space permits, so do not hesitate to register. Chances are, there will be room.

Oct 15 – Harvest the Power #2: From “I” to “We”

James Caufield with Haney Pearson – This workshop focuses on the relationships that are the center of our congregations, beginning with a deeper exploration of covenant. Participants examine their congregational culture to discover which voices and perspectives are at the center of congregational life, which are on the margins, and why that matters.

Oct 22 – Harvest the Power #3: Are We Doing the Right Things?

Clair Shawhan with Judy Holmes – This workshop introduces the idea of turning points—times when events or circumstances lead one’s life in a new direction. After identifying personal turning points, participants consider conditions that can lead a congregation to and through a turning point.

Oct 23 – Special Service, The Soul of Animals

A special invitation of UUCLC Animal Advocates
We will be hosting a special Sunday Service on “The Soul of Animals,” featuring the Rev. Dr. Russell Ellevan, President and Chaplain of the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry (by video).  Rev. Ellevan’s sermon is titled: “For the Love of Dog.”

You can participate in this service by sending photos (JPG format) of special animals in your life, living or those who have passed away, to Dave Steele at david.steele@ttuhsc.edu by 10 PM on Friday, October 14th.  These photos will be compiled into a slide show that will be part of the service honoring the animals we have loved over the years.  Questions? Contact Dave Steele by email or calling 575-449-4180 (not text compatible).  See you in the sanctuary or by ZOOM on Sunday, October 23 at 10am-sharp!

Oct 28 & 30 – Call to Action — The Michael Servetus/InterNational Conference Against Racism (MS/INCAR)

Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council, 1448 E. 52nd St., Box 267, Chicago, IL 60615
uumuac@gmail.com www.uumuac.org

In Memoriam: Michael Servetus –Martyr in the Cause of Multi-Religious Tolerance – a Hybrid Event, Sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council—UUMUAC, (Organized by Its Religious Professionals Task Force , the MS/INCAR Committee– Revs. Finley C. Campbell, Vernon Chandler, and Beverly Seese, members)

Theme: The vital role which Multiracial Unitarian Universalism as an embodiment of the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, especially the Fourth Principle, can play in the struggle against racism in all its forms from Afghanistan to Zambia.

We do this, in part, by commemorating the life, theology, and martyrdom of one of the ancestors of UUMUAC, Brother Michael Servetus. We do this mainly by inviting members and friends of UUMUAC from around the world to take part in this event. Plus, all others interested in our Multiracial Unitarian Universalist approach to the struggle against racist ideologies in all their forms, especially reaching out to our non-American participants.

Read the complete offering and instructions.

Nov TBD – Fine Dining at the J. Paul Taylor Detention Facility

We will begin planning for the November diner during the second week of October when we will contact the Center to schedule a date. We will try for the 2nd Saturday in November. Planning consists of selecting the main course and asking participants to fill out the meal with drinks, sides, and dessert. The August meal had really, really good side dishes. My hat is off to the people who volunteered. Thank you so very much. If you are interested in making a difference in a young man’s life, please contact Haney Pearson and let him know you’d like to attend the November dinner.

Regularly Scheduled Activities

Every Tuesday

T’ai Chi, 10-11 AM in the Religious Education Building great room.

T’ai Chi, 5:45-6:45 PM in the Religious Education Building great room.

Library Hours – 1-3 PM in the library in the Administration Building

Every Wednesday

Caring Conversations meets on Zoom from 9-10 AM. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87064121421?pwd=QmNhYVlrUTltK1cxRDhSRVdOU01rdz09
Meeting ID: 870 6412 1421
Passcode: 564007

Weight Watchers meets at 9:30-11:30 AM in the Religious Education Building great room.

The Bridge Group plays bridge every Wednesday at 2 pm in the church lobby. If you want to play, contact Nancy Anderson by email, phone, or at church to let her know you would like to be on her weekly contact list.

Every Thursday

T’ai Chi, 10-11 AM in the Religious Education Building great room.

T’ai Chi, 5:45-6:45 PM in the Religious Education Building great room.

Library Hours – 1-3 PM in the library in the Administration Building

Every Friday

Yoga, 12 noon until 1 PM in the Religious Education great room.

T.G.I.F. – Zoom Together. A great way to end your with your fellow Unitarian Universalists. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5755227281?pwd=OEp3RTNkcWNid0tTNHFDNHEzUFNIUT09
Meeting ID: 575 522 7281
Passcode: 7777777

1st Fridays

First Friday Game Night

Game Night is now a Jam Session with Singing too

First Friday Game Night has evolved into also playing musical instruments and singing along. It’s a merry group! Of course there’s still game playing, with members of the community also attending. Folks like to snack too, so bring a snack to share, and a favorite game. This way games change out and you get to try new ones. Come join us on October 7th at 6:30pm in the RE Great Room. Questions? Ask Jan Thompson or Sara Thomas.

2nd and 4th Saturdays

Crafty UU’s

Plans for October, November, and December

Crafters has planned the rest of the craft classes for the remainder of the year. Please mark your calendar for these special opportunities for creativity and social time. Zentangle was switched to October, so it’s not late to try Zentangle – the Art of Fancy Doodling. For questions, ask Carol S or Sara T.

Classes held on 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 1:00 pm in the RE Great Room, unless a holiday weekend.

Oct 8th – Intro to Zentangle – with Carol Stanfill
Oct 22nd – More Zentangle Designs or Do a Zentagle Project – with Carol Stanfill
Nov 12th – Creating Mandalas – with Sara Thomas and Katya Gonzalez
Dec 10th – Candlemaking (rainbow dipped tapers) – with Sara Thomas

3rd Tuesday

Death Cafe Please join us the third Tuesday of each month for an opportunity to sit with others and listen to our experiences with death and grieving.  In the UULC Library 6:30-8:00 PM.  Contact Brooks Lewis at gendrafoxx@gmgail.com or leave a voice message at 512-826-1472. 

3rd Saturday

Desert Spirit CUUPs is the Las Cruces chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. We practice and educate others on Earth-centered spirituality. We gather monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 6 PM for a potluck and either ritual or an informative class. All events are open to everyone interested in learning and/or growing in their spiritual path. Events held at the church unless otherwise noted. Visit http://www.facebook.com/desertspiritcuups or email lascrucescuups@gmail.com.

Do You Miss These Activities?

The Membership Committee is working to increase opportunities for socializing. If you are interested in these opportunities and are willing to take charge, please contact Lyn Pearson, whose information is in the church directory.

Lunch Bunch was a weekly lunch-time get together. Everyone who was interested was invited to bring a bag lunch to the church library every Wednesday to enjoy the company of fellow Unitarian Universalists. All that is required to restart this group is someone willing to set up a regular day and time with Cheri Coffelt and ask her to post it in the church calendar. You will need to acquire a key and be sure to open the Library at the appropriate time and lock it afterwards. Contact Lyn if you’re interested.

This group could resume by meeting outdoors or in the library, which can be well ventilated.

Roundtable Schedule

Roundtable: Moonwalkers – Sun, Oct 2, 2022 
2:00 pm--3:00 pm – Virtual Event Via Zoom

John Norberg, a writer from Indiana, will talk about the first and last moon walkers, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan. Norberg knew both of them personally, as a journalist and author, having interviewed them for newspaper articles and a book. He also helped host them during visits to their alma mater, Purdue University. Join us on Zoom.

Roundtable: Virtual Blessing of the Animals – Sun, Oct 9, 2022 
2:00 pm--3:00 pm – Virtual Event Via Zoom

See announcement in the October 3 “Week at a Glance”  for information about registration (free!) and instructions for logging on to the service. Questions?  Contact Dave Steele.

Roundtable: Dr. Bobbie Green – Sun, Oct 16, 2022 
2:00 pm--3:00 pm – Virtual Event Via Zoom

Join Dr. Bobbie Greene, President of NAACP Dona Ana County and Professor of Music at NMSU. Dr. Greene along with other members of the Board will present an update on NAACP activities in Las Cruces and we’ll discuss ways in which we might assist in the pursuit of racial justice. Join us on Zoom.

Roundtable: Our 8th Principle – Sun, Oct 23, 2022 
2:00 pm--3:00 pm – Virtual Event Via Zoom

We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. Understanding the need for the Unitarian Universalist 8th principle and the need to revitalize the church’s support of this principle. How shall we proceed? Join us on Zoom.

Roundtable: Housing Bond Project – Sun, Oct 30, 2022 
2:00 pm--3:00 pm – Virtual Event Via Zoom

Join Natalie Green, City of Las Cruces’ Housing and Neighborhood Services Manager, and Beth Bardwell, Co-Chair of the Las Cruces Coalition for Attainable Housing.

On November 8th, city voters will be asked to approve four General Obligation bond capital projects to enhance our city and benefit our residents, quality of life and the economy. The four projects are $6M for affordable housing initiatives, $10M for a new fire station benefiting the Highway 70 corridor, $2M for park improvements, and $5M for Phase 2 of the East Mesa Recreation Complex. Natalie and Beth will focus the majority of their presentation on the GO Housing Bond sharing information about the purpose, need, and benefits of this General Obligation Bond project. Join us on Zoom.

The Tombaugh Art Gallery

The Tombaugh Gallery is proud to present the exhibit “Peace, Love, & Unity”, featuring the artwork of Georjeanna Feltha. The show continues through October 8.

Peace, Love, & Unity is about Georjeanna’s response to the world the way it is right now. It is the result of works that she has been exploring for the past 30 years. She feels that the best way for to make a difference is through her art, a seed of hope she is planting for our future. She believes that it is only through “Peace, Love, & Unity”, that we will have a chance to save our country, and our world for future generations.

Georjeanna blends messages through the use of techniques borrowed from her African, Native American and Caucasian roots, using traditional weaving and sewing methods. She fashions fiber, handmade paper, clay and a variety of found objects into everything she creates, including sculpture, collage, multimedia paintings, stylish clothing and home furnishings.

Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM, and Sunday 11:30
to 2:30 PM. The Tombaugh Gallery is part of the Unitarian Universalist Church at 2000 South Solano Drive.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tombaughgallery/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tombaughgallery/