Words From Our President

Susan Hychka

Why Your Participation in Our Visioning Circles Is important to All of Us

Recently I received a fortune cookie that read, “Nobody can be exactly like you.” While it is perhaps a stretch to consider this a source of inspiration, I thought the cookie’s message rang true for all of us. As the opening paragraph of our website’s section on “Our Beliefs” reads, “We believe in the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Our faith is not based on a creed, but instead we are united by our shared search for spiritual growth and our Eight Principles.” We affirm each member’s continuing search for truth and meaning, and we cherish the individual differences that enrich our relationships.

It is because “Nobody can be exactly like you” that the Board of Trustees urges you to participate in one of the upcoming Visioning Circles. These small, facilitated discussion groups began last week and will continue throughout August. Sign up to participate in Zoom discussions or choose an in-person discussion at the church or in a member’s home. Your unique perspective will add richness and texture to the complex tapestry that is our Beloved Community.

What’s the purpose of Visioning Circles? Discussion will focus first on where you see our church community right now. What’s on your list of what’s working well?  How can we keep these areas strong? Second, participants will share and discuss our individual visions for the future of our congregation and have some fun envisioning what our church can become if we create a shared vision and work together to make it happen.

To contemplate the importance of our church to our individual members, you need look no further than the Memorial Services we have attended this summer, celebrations of lives well lived with supportive friends gathered to remember those lost and support those who must remain and carry on. Or you might remember a heartfelt explanation of a mother with two young people in our Religious Education program. She told us that she hopes we will get to know her children and provide them with additional adult role models who try to treat others well and take action to make the world a better place.

Thank you for all you are doing to ensure that this church will continue to be a warm and welcoming place for a diverse group of wonderful people.

Gratefully, Susan Hychka, President of the Congregation