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Music and Choir

Music and Choir

Normally in August and September I write about our upcoming choir season, the annual conference for the Association of Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM), and any plans about how music will be used in worship.  Today I have more questions than answers, and we had no AUUMM conference where I could rely on colleagues and clinicians for strategies and advice (although we have an online forum for sharing ideas).  In order to start answering those questions I will need to collaborate with anyone who cares about music in our congregation.

Generous Giving

GENEROUS GIVING: We thank eight generous donors for their generosity during the past month.  Mickey Duttle made a special gift on Father’s Day in honor of her dad, Elwin Nunn. Rabbitt Loring contributed to our Minister’s Discretionary Fund while Carol Winkler supported the KRWG Fund.  Jeanne Gilbert, David and Ilene Steele, Jack Welch and Gayle Trantham made gifts in memory of our late beloved member, Len Gambrell. Another late beloved member, Dianne Taylor, was remember by Jeanne Gilbert. Thank you all.

Leadership Development Committee

Now more than ever, the UUCLC needs your leadership within our church community.  You may ask, what might I do? Well, as a member of the UUCLC congregation, please consider how you might serve our community in one of our three by-law organizations.  The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) actively seeks church members annually to serve in congregationally elected positions of the Board of Trustees, Committee on Ministry and the Leadership Development Committee.  All three are identified in the UUCLC By-Laws as standing committees within our structure, and foundational in the operations and ministry of our congregation.