Events of Note

Oct 1 – Pride on the Plaza 2022 

Show your Pride at Southern NM Pride on the Las Cruces Plaza on Saturday, October 1st. There are a couple of ways you can participate as part of a UUCLC presence. First, sign up for a short shift (one hour) in our UUCLC booth, which our own Linda Rogers has paid for and arranged for the best location, right next to the stage on the left. Second, you can also walk in the parade at 4:30pm in UU T-shirts or rainbow gear holding our church banner. It’s done on sidewalks around about half of the big loop around the mall starting at the stage. There’s a decorate your wagon contest as part of the parade if you’re interested.  Or you can just attend Pride on the Plaza anytime from from 5pm 10pm and check out the many vendors, food trucks, and lots of entertainment! It’s a family event (kids are welcome to sign up for shifts in our booth along with their parents). Check the SNM Pride website for a full listing of events during the week before Oct 1st.  

It’s easy to sign up for church booth shifts, just contact Sara Thomas. There are 5 shifts with 2 people needed at each slot: 4:30pm to 5:30, 5:30 to 6:30, 6:30 to 7:30, 7:30 to 8:30, and 8:30 to 9:30. Help others in the community to know that we are here for them. 

Oct 6 – Community Round Up

It’s here – Community Round Up is October 6th by Zoom at 7pm

What is Community Round Up? It a communication forum for UUCLC committees and groups to let others know what they’re doing, and even what they could use help with. Committees are strongly suggested not to miss this opportunity to send a representative to bring their events and needs out to the rest of our church. Covenant groups are welcome too, especially those who may choose to help with a service project or one-time event. The format and frequency of the Round Ups will be determined by those attending the first meeting. Zoom links will be sent to all committee chairs and covenant facilitators to forward to their chosen representative. Expect to be very brief in your requests. If unable to attend, you may send no more than one paragraph to Sara Thomas to be read on your behalf. If you have questions, please contact Sara Thomas.

Oct 8 – Harvest the Power #1: Leadership Journey

Marie Sauter with Kellie Ingram – This workshop serves as an introduction to the Harvest the Power program, presenting key concepts and inviting participants to share their own leadership stories.

Oct. – 9 Visioning Action Day

Immediately following the Service

Please plan to join us for UUCLC Visioning Action Day on Sunday, October 9th following the church service. This is to follow up the widely shared Visioning Summary Report released on Sept 2nd. Don’t miss your chance to help the wonderful suggestions you shared in The Visioning Circles to become a reality.

Immediately after the service, Chef Bill Fitzgerald will serve an Italian lunch under the tents on the lawn. Next, Jennifer Trantham and Sara Thomas will lead you and other participants in a fun and interactive activity to help define who we are and want to be a church.

Then participants will divide into one of three interest groups as outlined in the Visioning Summary: Community Building, Community Outreach and Church Structure/Governance. Each group will be facilitated by church leaders familiar with that area using the ideas suggested in the Visioning Process by congregation members.

With your interest, enthusiasm and effort, ideas can become action plans that enhance our vision for all UUCLC can be.  All sessions will end by 2:30pm. Please attend this important work creating positive connections for our church.

To get a head count for lunch, RSVP to Cheri ( by Oct 5th. Specify any special dietary requirements such as Vegetarian or Gluten Free. If you are willing to provide a dessert, please let us know. Questions? Ask Sara Thomas.

Oct 16, 23, 30, and Nov 6 – New UU Class

NOTE: The class dates have been changed to avoid conflict with Visioning Action Day. If you already signed up for this class, please note the change in dates; the class will start on October 16 and end on November 6. Please call the church office if this change affects your ability to attend the class.

If you are new or not so new to our UUCLC Community, we’d like to welcome you. And we’d like to invite you to get to know us better. In October we will offer a series of four classes designed just for you to learn more about our church and Unitarian Universalism.

If you’d like to participate, call the church office to register by October 2nd. 575-522-7281.
Leave your name and contact information. We hope to see you there!!

WHEN: Sundays, October 16, 23, 30, and November 6
TIME: 11:30 – 1:30 PM (bring a brown bag lunch)
WHERE: Religious Education building
FACILITATOR: Rev. Nancy J Anderson, Minister Emerita

For questions, please contact the church office, and you will be put in touch with Rev. Anderson. Note: Priority will be given to new members and those interested in joining. If you are a longer time member, you can join in as space permits, so do not hesitate to register. Chances are, there will be room.

Oct 15 – Harvest the Power #2: From “I” to “We”

James Caufield with Haney Pearson – This workshop focuses on the relationships that are the center of our congregations, beginning with a deeper exploration of covenant. Participants examine their congregational culture to discover which voices and perspectives are at the center of congregational life, which are on the margins, and why that matters.

Oct 22 – Harvest the Power #3: Are We Doing the Right Things?

Clair Shawhan with Judy Holmes – This workshop introduces the idea of turning points—times when events or circumstances lead one’s life in a new direction. After identifying personal turning points, participants consider conditions that can lead a congregation to and through a turning point.

Oct 23 – Special Service, The Soul of Animals

A special invitation of UUCLC Animal Advocates
We will be hosting a special Sunday Service on “The Soul of Animals,” featuring the Rev. Dr. Russell Ellevan, President and Chaplain of the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry (by video).  Rev. Ellevan’s sermon is titled: “For the Love of Dog.”

You can participate in this service by sending photos (JPG format) of special animals in your life, living or those who have passed away, to Dave Steele at by 10 PM on Friday, October 14th.  These photos will be compiled into a slide show that will be part of the service honoring the animals we have loved over the years.  Questions? Contact Dave Steele by email or calling 575-449-4180 (not text compatible).  See you in the sanctuary or by ZOOM on Sunday, October 23 at 10am-sharp!

Oct 28 & 30 – Call to Action — The Michael Servetus/InterNational Conference Against Racism (MS/INCAR)

Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council, 1448 E. 52nd St., Box 267, Chicago, IL 60615

In Memoriam: Michael Servetus –Martyr in the Cause of Multi-Religious Tolerance – a Hybrid Event, Sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council—UUMUAC, (Organized by Its Religious Professionals Task Force , the MS/INCAR Committee– Revs. Finley C. Campbell, Vernon Chandler, and Beverly Seese, members)

Theme: The vital role which Multiracial Unitarian Universalism as an embodiment of the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, especially the Fourth Principle, can play in the struggle against racism in all its forms from Afghanistan to Zambia.

We do this, in part, by commemorating the life, theology, and martyrdom of one of the ancestors of UUMUAC, Brother Michael Servetus. We do this mainly by inviting members and friends of UUMUAC from around the world to take part in this event. Plus, all others interested in our Multiracial Unitarian Universalist approach to the struggle against racist ideologies in all their forms, especially reaching out to our non-American participants.

Read the complete offering and instructions.

Nov TBD – Fine Dining at the J. Paul Taylor Detention Facility

We will begin planning for the November diner during the second week of October when we will contact the Center to schedule a date. We will try for the 2nd Saturday in November. Planning consists of selecting the main course and asking participants to fill out the meal with drinks, sides, and dessert. The August meal had really, really good side dishes. My hat is off to the people who volunteered. Thank you so very much. If you are interested in making a difference in a young man’s life, please contact Haney Pearson and let him know you’d like to attend the November dinner.