From Your Minister

From Rev. Kacela

The UU denomination held its annual meeting in June. In four days, we learned a lot, connected with people, found strength, and did important work. 

We did the thing! 

My three big takeaways from the 2021 General Assembly (GA): 

Our social justice work is spot-on. The people at GA did many things. They voted to adopt the Statement of Conscience: Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy, agreed to defend transgender and non-binary folx, and committed to stopping voter suppression. We can keep doing what we’re doing! 

I learned a new -ism: sizeism. It’s time the church joins the movement called “Fat Liberation.”

This work builds on the 1st Principle. It helps our church welcome and affirm fat people. A fat liberation church commits to making their physical space welcoming; amends documents, programs, and worship; and tells the world they are a fat liberation congregation. This work is new. I acknowledge participating in sizeism and apologize for the harm I’ve caused people. (See final article titled Fat Liberation Congregation Action Plan.) 

Creating a beloved space is hard work. We all must continue learning, be open to new ways of being, and engage in deep listening. I learned most UUs are committed to dismantling white supremacy culture and other oppressions. However, many do not understand privilege. (The Gadfly UUA board candidate received about 12% of the vote.) We must allow time, offer compassion and love, and keep doing the work. 

Dr. Karen Hutt preached about liberation. She reminded us that we’re all fugitives unless we all get free. 

We will regather on September 5 for in-person worship. The sanctuary will be renovated by then. Thanks to our Facilities and Safe Reopening Task Force for leading the way.  

As the Pet Shops Boys sing, there are lots of opportunities. I paraphrase: You’ve got the brains. I’ve got the brawn. Let’s make lots of UUs! 

Enjoy your summer, 

Rev. xk 

For the final article, Fat Liberation Congregation Action Plan: