Committee & Program News

Church Security Task Force Information

The UUCLC Task Force began meeting September 2021 in order to strengthen different aspects of security for the church campus. We began by using a Houses of Worship Security Self Assessment Survey which we learned about by attending a webinar sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. From this assessment, we began with strengthening the physical security of the campus, including working on outside surveillance systems and also fortifying doors and windows. In April, we walked around and through our buildings with a Las Cruces Police Department officer who made additional recommendations for increasing security. We will continue with building security and then work on other areas, such as responding to emergency situations. Nine people have been attending the Task Force meetings and two (Charlie Scholz and Janet Pitt) have made reports to the Board of Trustees this year. We welcome new people to join with us in our focus on church security. Please contact Marie Sauter or Janet Pitt.

Safe Congregations UUA:

The UUA has assembled a variety of resources and information for helping build safer congregations. Please explore the Safe Congregations link below for topics on Corona Virus – COVID-19, professional misconduct complaints, promoting appropriate behavior and responding to threats and incidents. Safe Congregations |

UUCLC wants our congregation to be safe and welcoming to all. While it may be impossible to make our congregation 100% safe, there are steps that we can take to make UUCLC safer while still creating a supportive space for learning, growth, and challenge as well as actively working for the inclusion and safety of all people. The sample policies and suggestions below are resources available to help us create a safer congregation. Becoming a Safer Congregation | Safe Congregations Handbook |

Medical Emergencies:

While we hope that no one has a medical emergency, if someone were to, we congregants should have basic knowledge to be able to respond. If the emergency warrants, call 911. For non-911 medical incidents, First Aid may be appropriate. Every emergency will be unique. UUCLC has 3 First Aid kits, one in each building mounted on a wall and easy to see. We encourage you to look around and become familiar with their locations.

First Aid and CPR Training:

If you wish to be trained and acquire CPR and First Aid certification, opportunities are available both on-line and in person. The City of Las Cruces Fire Department offers free CPR training to the community for groups up to 20. The UUCLC Security Task force is looking into this option. As we learn more, we will provide information to the congregation.

The training below is offered for a fee and will provide approved certification. These are a few options for you to explore on your own time. CPR & First Aid – Home ( Online CPR Certification for Healthcare Providers – American CPR Care Association CPR Certification – American Health Training Online CPR & First Aid Certification

Communications by Lyn Pearson

All of our network improvements are now installed. A new business-class router is busy working in Kellie’s closet. If you look, you’ll see the new network access points in all of our buildings: 1 in the library on the west wall above the bookshelves, 2 in the religious education building hallway, 1 in the lobby kitchen, and 1 that you cannot see above the breezeway doors in the sanctuary. This equipment now extends a very strong internet signal throughout the campus so that if we wish, we could show movies outside or perhaps show the Sunday service in the Great Room. We have a lot of options to “play” with.

Our Zoom signal no longer drops and when there are blips in sound or picture it’s likely at the sender’s end, not ours. We still need to work on picture resolution but that should be resolved (no pun intended) very soon.

Finally, there is cosmetic work we need to do to finish the installation: wire molding in the religious education building, perhaps some touchup paint in the sanctuary, and covering some visible wires in other places.

Finance by Katie Fitzgerald

At our July meeting, the Finance Committee reviewed a half year of activity and forwarded to the Board of Trustees their recommendation for a revised budget for the remainder of this calendar year. It was also recommended that the congregation be informed of where we stood financially at this midyear point. Be on the lookout for a copy of the budget in a separate document with cover letter from the Board of Trustees.

Currently, we are in the black thanks to those who have paid their auction invoices and those who have been diligently paying their pledges.  We have also had generous contributions of record which have helped in this effort.  We revised our anticipated pledge total to accommodate those who have moved or left the church.

With your continued support of fundraising efforts this fall as well as honoring your pledges, we should finish this year with some carryover to help with the search and salary should the input from the upcoming Visioning Circles guide the Board of Trustees to that decision.

Leadership Development Committee by Rabbitt Loring

Leadership Training this Fall

Many wonderful volunteers have stepped up offering to serve calendar year 2023 on the Board of Trustees (BOT), the Committee on Ministry (COM) and the Leadership Development Committee (LDC). Thank you all! Your service is welcomed and needed as the veritable lifeblood of our church.

For all our new volunteers, for those currently serving in leadership roles, and for anyone interested in leadership opportunities for possible future service, the LDC is sponsoring and  facilitating a series of training courses developed by the UUA called Harvest the Power. Each two-hour session will be held in the UU Church Library from 9:30-11:30am on the following Saturday mornings: 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 11/5, 11/12, and 11/19. (Note that there is a break on 10/29). Plan to attend all six sessions. If you must miss one, arrangements can be made for you to review the material on your own.

Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership, is the 2020 edition of the 2009 original training. UUA developed the course to strengthen the skills of those who have taken on leadership roles, as well as to help with faith development as a model of healthy personal and leadership practices. Harvest the Power reflects the strengths and challenges of multigenerational, multicultural, diverse and inclusive perspectives and invites participants to work as a team and build relationships to support the mission and values of the congregation. It should be both challenging and rewarding! To explore the course in advance, visit:

Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: Developing Lay Leadership | Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition | Tapestry of Faith |

For more information, and to sign up, please contact Linda Peterson at shelro2@ or (252) 337-4926.

Librarian’s Corner by Rabbitt Loring

Library Bustling Again with Activity!

Groups are coming back to the library! It is heartening to see some committees starting to meet again in person in our cool and comfortable library. Outside groups are meeting here as well. Part of the Library Ministry is reaching out to the community and sharing our resources, starting to build Beloved Community both within and beyond our congregation. Sharing our collection with the public extends a warm welcome to join us in fellowship and spreads a positive feeling. They will get to know us through our books.

Some committees have outside members who are becoming acquainted with our wonderful collection and are checking out books. For example, half the WomenSpirit committee members are not part of our congregation. Sharing our library collection with them extends a warm welcome.

Recently, the local chapter of the NAACP has started meeting in the library. We have been encouraged to join this worthwhile group, and perhaps some of their members will join us in other UU activities.

Brooks Lewis’s Death Café has been meeting in the library, and some of the upcoming Visioning Circles will meet there as well. Harvest the Power leadership training will be using the library this fall. As you take part in these many activities, look around. Find a book that interests you. Check it out. And tell your friends. The library has a lot to offer.

The library is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm for you to check out a book or purchase one from the book cart. One of our marvelous volunteers will be here to help you. Also remember to bring in your aluminum Cans for Critters and donations for the Little Free Pantry. And book donations are always welcome, too. See you in the Library!

Membership by Lyn Pearson

Ably led by the Reverend Nancy Anderson, the Membership Committee has been reimagining how it may better serve the church in the future. Nancy has now turned the reins over to me but she’ll still be working with us in the short-term. Right now, we are a small group consisting of: myself, Reverend Nancy, Cathy Cox, Lori Miller, Lindsey Neal, Carol Stanfill, and Mark Sukontarak. We’re working hard on identifying our priorities and making sure the membership database is up to date and correct. You’ll hear more about us in the future and you will see us playing a roll in this year’s Ingathering on Sunday, August 28th.

On another membership-related note, if your home address, email address, or phone number(s) have changed you can update them in InFellowship or simply contact Cathy Cox by email or phone.

Social Justice by Dave Rice

Tents to Rents 2022 Community Campaign

Please contribute to the Tents to Rents campaign from the Community of Hope!  As in recent years, the UU Church of Las Cruces hopes to exceed our goal of $1000.  You can give by check to the church (Tents to Rents in memo line) or at the website under “Give” at the Social Justice Fund and then the Tents to Rents sub-fund.

Camp Hope, or Tent City, is located at the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope (MVCH) and serves as a temporary living site for dozens of homeless individuals waiting for their own home or apartment. Camp Hope shelters nearly 200 people each year, keeping them safe, close to services, and streamlining opportunities for housing. But Camp Hope does not receive any government or subsidized funding, so MVCH created Tents to Rents—to keep Camp Hope in operation and transition as many people as possible from sleeping in a tent to paying rent in an apartment.

The campaign this year runs from August 15th through September 23rd. We know you care about this community, that’s why we’re asking you to be part of this popular annual event again and help change someone’s life.  If you have any questions about the Tents to Rents event, please do not hesitate to contact MVCH at

Sunday Services by Charlie Scholz

Your Sunday Service Committee has been working hard to bring you quality services throughout this summer. And we’re going with four great ones in August

August 7 Catherine Massey our Director of Music, will present, “a UU Hymn Sing worship service. If you would like to learn a couple of easy hymn “anthems” in a low-stress way in a short-term group, just show up in the sanctuary at 9:30 that morning. Whoever is there will be our Pick Up, No-Fault Choir for the day. Open to all ages and voices!” 

August 14 Haney Pearson and Charlie Scholz will present “Voting Rights, Then and Now,” an exploration of what has happened to one of our most basic democratic rights.

August 21 Katie Fitzgerald will share with us her vision of “An Attitude of Gratitude.”

August 28 Ingathering Sunday! This is the kickoff for the very exciting Fall ahead. The choir will be back and the religious education kids will join us. This will be a great time to celebrate Unitarian Universalism.