Requests and Items of Interest

Invitation to a Book Discussion – Laura Jones

Friends, I would be delighted to host discussions on this book. If you’re interested, send me – Laura Jones an email at Once we know who’s interested, we can look for a good time to meet.

The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace

M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled

Full disclosure: This book description was taken directly from Amazon. To look inside the book, click on the title link.

The overall purpose of human communication is – or should be – reconciliation. It should ultimately serve to lower or remove the walls of misunderstanding which unduly separate us human beings, one from another…’ Although we have developed the technology to make communication more efficient and to bring people closer together, we have failed to use it to build a true global community. Dr M. Scott Peck believes that if we are to prevent civilization destroying itself, we must urgently rebuild on all levels, local, national and international and that is the first step to spiritual survival. In this radical and challenging book, he describes how the communities work, how group action can be developed on the principles of tolerance and love, and how we can start to transform world society into a true community.

A Little Free Pantry Request

The UUCLC Little Free Pantry continues to serve the unhoused in our community because ALL people deserve humane treatment and to have their basic needs met. Unitarian Universalists believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all and that it is our moral obligation to provide some of those basic needs.

We need your help. First, we need 2 more volunteers who would help refresh the pantry one day a week. We will gladly show you the procedure and will welcome you to the “Pantry Crew.”

Second, feeding the hungry is costly. Food prices have risen so that it is costing us about $250-300 per month to keep the pantry stocked. Your donations of goods are most appreciated. Alternatively, we are happy to do the shopping for you. You may contribute by check with a note in the memo line that it is for the pantry or donate online to Social Justice and choose the sub-group of Little Free Pantry. If you choose to do your own purchasing, please remember that we are serving the homeless who have no means to cook and store items. They don’t even have can openers, so just easy-open tops, prepared soups (not condensed), single-serving sizes, etc. Leave your donations in the little blue wagon in the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays or in the Lobby Sunday mornings.

Your participation as a volunteer or as a donor for this all-church social justice project is greatly appreciated. The Pantry Crew

A Membership Committee Request – Lyn Pearson

Membership is reviewing and updating the contents of the gift bags we give to all new visitors to the church. If your committee or program would like to contribute information for inclusion in the gift bags, please contact Mark Sukontarak as soon as possible.

Generous Giving by Jack Welch

We are delighted to report that our church patriarch, Clayton Flowers, made a generous donation in support of our youth program. During his active years Clayton served as chair of our Religious Education committee. His interest in our youth has not diminished . Clayton will be 106 at his next birthday, December 25. Thank you so much, Clayton.    

We thank Elwin Nunn and Carol Winkler for their contributions to our KRWG fund. Our successful Social Justice “Tent’s to Rents” project received support from Nancy L Anderson, Cathy Carver, Judy Licht and Jerry Black as well as Gayle Trantham and Jack Welch. We offer our sincere thank you to all.

Thanks to Our October Greeters

Some of these dedicated folks greeted more than once in October: Hale Huber, Carl Kohl,Lyn Pearson, Donna Racz, Linda Rogers, Irene Schultz, Robert Severence, Claire Shawhan, Carol Stanfill, Mark Sukontarak, Mary Whittamore, and Carol Winkler.

Thanks For the Hospitality!

We thank the following groups for taking care of hospitality by making coffee and tea water, setting up tables and chairs, setting out and serving goodies for you to eat, and cleaning up afterward:

Odd Months – Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
• 1st Sunday – Seekers Covenant Group
• 2nd Sunday – Membership Committee
• 3rd Sunday – Finance Committee
• 4th Sunday – Social Justice Committee

Even Months – Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec
• 1st Sunday – Board of Trustees
• 2nd Sunday – Leadership Development Committee
• 3rd Sunday – Multicultural Awareness Group
• 4th Sunday – Richins Covenant Group
Please give them a personal thank you when you see them on their hospitality shift.
When we all pitch in, important work is accomplished!