The UUCLC Events Auction is Coming Soon!

We want to see lots of smiling faces, crazy colors, talents and fanfare too at the 2021 Auction, “Plug in YOUR UUCLC CONNECTIONS”.   Plan on enjoying a Pancake Breakfast, Talent Show along with the customary silent auction.  Our event will culminate in a Live Auction on the lawn.

Personal Donations for Events, Services, Baked Goods, Meals, and Gift Certificates are the essential components for the auction to happen. Our deadline for completed forms has been extended to the end of September.  The events are fun and build congregational community relationships with other members. You could host a themed dinner event, a happy hour with tasty tapas, a fun brunch or an entertaining game or movie night.

If you don’t have enough room at your house, the RE building is available. Please check with Cheri in the office to schedule your event before you turn in your donation form.

Perhaps you could provide a service such as cooking a nice meal and delivering it or offer a dessert several times during the year. Have a truck, you could offer to haul off discarded items. You could offer pet sitting for members on vacation or away from home for medical reasons.  Please print out and turn in your donation forms via e-mail or USPS, or directly to the library as soon as they are completed.

The deadline to submit your donation form is September 30th.   We know the turnaround time is short, but your friends at the UUCLC have been yearning for time together to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company.

If you would like to volunteer or if you are a new member and would like to know more about joining in the fun at our annual event and services auction; please contact the Auction Chair, Katie Fitzgerald  Other members of the planning committee are: Sally Atkinson, Jan Thompson, Sara Thomas, Steve Hychka, Bill Fitzgerald, Cheri Coffelt.

Link to Donation Form. (You must print out your donation form and return it to the UUCLC library.)