Master Site Planning Documents

UUCLC Building Timeline

REI Cover Letter

Request for Expression of Interest

Letter of Acceptance to Architectural Firms, March 2014

Request to Interview Architectural Firm, May 2014

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Accessibility Guidelines

MNK Architects Reports

MNK Master Site Plan Report (107pp, 11″ x 17″ paper)

The Facilities Condition Assessment Report is too large to upload. We present here in its component parts.

1. Introduction – Facilities Condition Assessment
1.1 FCA – Architectural (compressed)
1.2 FCA – Mechanical
1.3 FCA – Electrical
1.4 FCA – Structural

Part 2 Programming

Part 3 Master Planning, Phasing & Building Costs

Part 4. Conceptual Design & Themes

Part 5. Meetings

Part 6. CIM Pictures (NXPowerLite Copy) (because of the extreme compression, this file may not produce an acceptable printed document)