Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, welcome to our religious education community. We are a non-creedal liberal religious association that affirms the highest ideals of love, justice, democracy and hope.

This video was made during Covid so it is no longer current. Nevertheless, Kellie remains our Director of Religious Education and she would be delighted to talk to you about your child and how they might benefit from our program. . We are in the process of updating Kellie’s video.

Children and Youth Learn Love and Hope

We welcome children and youth to our Religious Education community. In age-appropriate settings and classes, our program uses our Unitarian Universalist identity and heritage to build life skills, spiritual growth, and rich relationships. By giving our children and youth tools by which they can live ethically and spiritually, we hope to fulfill the promise of a compassionate life, one in which we are a part of the world and connect to everything and everyone in it.

We offer Sunday morning programs, as well as fun activities for kids during the month and in the summertime.

When are religious educations classes held?

  • We offer our religious education program from 10-11 AM on Sunday.
  • All classes and childcare are in the Education Building.

Do you have childcare for babies?

  • Childcare for children under 2 years of age is available in the Nursery in the Education Building during both Sunday services.
  • A live audio feed of the worship service is available in the Nursery, along with comfy chairs for nursing mothers.

What subjects do you teach?

Classes are tailored to age groups, and may include subjects as varied as interpersonal relationships, ethical questions, the Bible, world religions, nature and ecology, heroes and heroines of social reform, Unitarian Universalist history, and holy days around the world.

We teach Unitarian Universalist principles using simple language that children can understand.

We use a variety of materials and resources, incorporating different learning styles and offering classes that allow children and youth to think about and practice our religious beliefs.

What values do you teach?

We are a liberal religious community and use our guiding principles throughout our programs and in our relationships. Children and youth learn to:

  1. Respect every person and treat them with dignity;
  2. Treat everyone with kindness and fairness, accept and celebrate our
    differences of thought, religious belief and the differences in our families;
  3. Discover for ourselves the meaning of life and faith;
  4. Work for a just and fair world;
  5. Give everyone a vote on matters that concern them; and,
  6. Understand that we share the earth with other creatures and work to save the earth’s gifts.

How do you teach these things?

We teach children by using a variety of materials and resources, incorporating different learning styles, and offering children and youth classes that allow them to think about and practice our religious beliefs.

What about spirituality?

Our children and youth take part in a worship program tailored to their ages and needs. They regularly take part in part of adult worship services before moving to their own classes. On the first Sunday of every month, children and youth conduct their own worship service in the Education Building.

Who teaches Religious Education?

Our Child and Youth Faith Formation Committee oversees the program and, along with the Minister, provides support and resources to volunteer teaching teams made up of members of the congregation and the Faith Formation Committee. Teaching team members sign a contract that includes a Code of Ethics.

What about other activities for children and youth?

We offer summer camp, mural events, Zoom parties, and holiday get-togethers. All activities are subject to current health and safety recommendations relating to the Covid virus and its variants.

What about family activities?

You have many opportunities to meet and talk with other families at our picnics, potluck suppers, and campouts. Additionally, we offer classes on parenting issues and activities that enhance spiritual growth. You can find these events and more in our home page activities calendar, our Sunday order of service, and our newsletter.

How do I enroll my children?

Please contact the Director of Religious Education, Kellie Ingram.

What if I have more questions?

You may contact Kellie Ingram or call our office at (575) 522-7281 during business hours Monday through Friday, 9:30-4:30.