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Sacramento Camp and Conference Center, East of Cloudcroft, NM

Website: http://sacramentoassembly.org

 UU WomenSpirit Retreat accepts people who identify as women and who are over the age of 18.

REGISTRATION needs to be postmarked on or before August 29th, 2016.


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WomenSpirit Workshop Descriptions

Line Dancing/Kathy Basler

Line dancing is for everyone. Just learn a few steps and then repeat them. You don’t need a partner but there is lots of connection as you laugh and move together.  The steps can be basic or spruced up with flourishes and attitude. You will know what to do at the next wedding or other DJ event with some of the most popular and common line dances.

Mindful Eating/Jana Horvath

For so many of us food is a way to check out of the moment. While eating our awareness often travels behind us into the past or ahead of us into the future. We eat at our desk at lunch brilliantly multitasking and missing the doorway to nutrients. Food becomes social a link to other people rather than a link to the moment, to the wisdom of our body and its many signals and messages. What would it be like to imagine food as a doorway, not out of, but into the moment? What would it be like to imagine that the tastes and the textures of the food can become gentle tethers that bring us back to this precious moment?

Meditative Hike/Jana Horvath

It’s easy and very natural to meditate while hiking. Nature gives us many opportunities to connect with it, and ourselves. What is special about meditating in nature is that it is as simple as it is profound and impactful. Everything we need to balance the flow of our own thought is found in the current of moments along the trail. On a hike, we can allow ourselves to disconnect from the sources of stress. Even as we step foot on the trail, we can begin to notice the open sky. That’s an invitation to start relaxing and opening up. Let go of any tension by taking your first few steps slowly.

Grow Your Writing- Incorporate the Five Senses/ LeeAnn Meadows

The workshop will begin with a short outdoor sensory mediation (weather permitting) to really look at what is around us, listen to all the noises, feel the sun/wind on our skin, smell the air, and taste a morsel of food. Transformation occurs in writing by making connections.  In this workshop we will explore our five senses and then engage in a writing exercise about “where we are from” bringing hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste to enliven our writing— allowing us to fully communicate to others our experiences.

Silk Painting/Judy Licht

You will have the opportunity to create a silk painting on an 11” x 11” piece of silk.  All supplies are provided. Bring ideas of designs and images drawn.  Examples and suggestive ideas for you just in case.

Afternoon Hike/Sara Thomas

Enjoy nature and fresh senses with a moderate hike.  Participants set the pace. Wear good hiking shoes and bring a water bottle.

Songs of Empowerment/Jan Thompson

Music is magic. Come and let the magic of the sounds and words of music by and for women empower and uplift your spirit. Song sheets will be provided. Bring your voice, your spirit , and any instruments you’d like.

Tai Chi/Sara Thomas

Tai Chi basics for the beginner.  Start with the “Eight Pieces of Brocade” warm-up exercises.  Feel the flow and learn a few easy moves. Wear loose clothing and footwear easy to turn in, or go barefoot. Relaxed Wabi-Sabi learning style.

ToteBag Decorating/Bonnie Hosie

In this workshop you will create a one-of-a-kind totebag using simple materials. Choose from multiple designs or create your own.  A $5 supply fee collected at the door to help defray cost of tote bags.