Roundtable: Seven actions YOU can take to lift NM public education from #49


Sun, Feb 5, 2017    
10:30 am--11:30 am


2000 S Solano Dr, Las Cruces, NM, 88001

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Speaker: Dr. Jose Garcia, former Secretary of Higher Education, State of New Mexico

In the US we now have the tools to compare student learning in classrooms, school districts, the state, and the nation.  What we know is that in New Mexico student learning on the whole is among the bottom two or three in the nation.  In this talk Dr. Garcia will present seven concrete steps citizens can take to improve learning outcomes in public education.  Focus is on creating accountability at all levels, including the legislature and executive branches.  If there is time Dr. Garcia will present a few key things citizens can do to lift higher education out of 49th.