Roundtable: Reframing Our Principles as Values and Covenant

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Sun, Nov 20, 2022
2:00 pm--3:00 pm

Virtual Event Via Zoom


Dave Steele will offer a brief presentation on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s proposed modification of Article II, replacing our current “Seven (eight, for some congregations) Principles” with a comprehensive statement on core UU Values and Covenants. Modifications in Article II, which are still in draft form, will be taken up and voted on by congregational delegates at the 2023 General Assembly. Please come prepared to share your feelings and thoughts about the proposed modifications. Dave will summarize the proposal and facilitate a discussion by those present. We anticipate that there will be further opportunities for the congregation to discuss the UUA Article II Study Commission’s recommendations and to provide our delegates guidance on the will of UUCLC for their vote on our behalf at General Assembly. Please see the links below for further information:

Introduction to the UUA Article II Study Commission

Proposed Article II Purposes and Covenant

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