Roundtable: Kevin Bixby and Wild Life for All

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Sun, May 15, 2022
2:00 pm--3:00 pm

Virtual Event Via Zoom


Kevin Bixby is the founder and executive director of the Southwest Environmental Center, recently rebranded as Wild Life for All.  “The mission of Wildlife for All is to reform wildlife management in the U.S. to be more ecologically-driven, democratic, and compassionate:

  • Ecologically-driven, because that is what is needed to protect species and ecosystems in the face of a global extinction crisis,
  • Democratic, because wildlife is a public trust and everyone should have a voice in wildlife decisions,
  • Compassionate, because wild animals deserve to be treated humanely and with respect.”

Mr. Bixby will discuss the work that Wild Life for All is promoting to bring about fundamental changes in the way wild life is managed and viewed. Join us on Zoom.