Luncheon: Beyond Categorical Thinking


Sun, Sep 10, 2017    
11:30 am--12:00 pm


Edu. Bldg. Great Room
2000 S Solano Dr, Las Cruces, NM, 88001

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The Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT) program helps Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations examine ways they can be more inclusive in their consideration of ministerial candidates. UU ministers who identify as people of color; as Latina/Latino/Hispanic; as bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender; or as people with disabilities often have a more difficult time in the ministerial search process because of unconscious congregational biases.

Even in congregations that have called or hired a minister, interim minister, or intern from one of the aforementioned identity groups, biases have also arisen because congregations have mistakenly assumed that because they have called or hired such a minister means that they have adequately addressed diversity issues and need no further work. For more information contact .