Young girl and older woman working together on school assignmentAsk for a Grandparent (or an Aunt or Uncle)

The Extended Families Program is available to children and their families, especially families that do not have grandparents who live in the local community. Extended Families pairs a child or children with a substitute grandparent, aunt, or uncle who interacts with children in a positive way. Several of our extended families now have life-long connections that have lasted even though the children have reached adulthood.

Grandfatherly man reading to two young childrenBe a Grandparent (or an Aunt or Uncle)

Be a substitute grandparent, aunt or uncle and discover the joy of interacting in a positive way with a child. Share you passion for gardening, music, sports, reading, hiking, nature, etc. Discover the wonder of opening a youngster’s eyes to the greater world and unknown possibilities.

If you don’t think you are grandparent age, then be a substitute aunt or uncle. Age is never a barrier.

Contact the Membership Committee if you would like to take part in this program.