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Words From Our President

Susan Hychka

Giving Thanks

Members and friends, thanks to each one of you for your loyalty and for staying involved and supportive during this difficult transitional year. There were so many unknowns. How could our small Sunday Services Committee take responsibility for presenting consistently good and spiritually … read more.

Board of Trustees

Board Officers

President: Susan Hychka 
Vice President: Roy van der Aa 
Secretary: Sara Thomas 
Treasurer : Jan Thompson

Members at Large: 

Skip Shelton
John Seeley
Gary Cockerell
Robert Floyd
Jennifer Trantham

Full board minutes are sent to church members in a private emailing.

Religious Education

Kellie Ingram, Director of Religious Education

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November!

Thomas Hood

Like many of you, as the new month approaches, I cannot believe how time flies! Religious Education will be spending the next few … read more.

Music and Choir

Catherine Massey, Director of Music


November ushers in a time of gratitude and changing seasons.  The choir and congregation will sing such favorites as “Gracias por el amor del cielo…” and “For the beauty of the earth…” We will hear again Andy Beck’s beautiful choral … read more.

Church Administration and Staff

Essential Packing

by Cheri Coffelt

I love the term essential. Focus on the most important. My Father shared his packing advice before any trip – “Bring half the clothes and twice the money“. That advice remains true 45 years later.

Jack and Fritz Ready For … read more.