Guided by our faith in the worth and dignity of all, we build community that includes—a faith that welcomes you in your wholeness. Unitarian Universalists are people of many religious backgrounds, people of many racial and cultural backgrounds, people of many life experiences and identities.

We are the certain and the seeking, the lifers and the newcomers, the beloved and the broken hearted, the insiders and the rejected, all of whom have found a home in the extraordinary, yet intimate communities of Unitarian Universalism. —Melissa Harris-Perry, a lifelong UU and MSNBC host

Kimberly Sweeney

It is such a powerful experience to find a spiritual, compassionate, courageous faith. This is Kimberly Sweeny’s story of discovering Unitarian Universalism while she was serving in the U.S. Military.

Kimberly is not a member of this church although she now works for the Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston.

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