1.     Animal Advocates
Animal Advocates is dedicated to addressing the welfare of all animals & the people who love them, through social action and social justice activities.
Meetings:  As needed, with advance notice.  All meetings are open to all members and friends of the UUCLC.
Contacts:   Jean Gilbert                  jigilbert@zianet.com               575-522-2529
                  Dave & Ilene Steele     david.steele@ttuhsc.edu        575-449-4180
2.     Hospitality for Refugees
The Border Servant Corps (BSC) operates a hospitality center at Peace Lutheran Church to provide food, clothing, and shelter for refugee families who are seeking asylum in the US and who have been cleared by Immigration & Customs Enforcement to join their sponsors elsewhere in the country.  In 2019, UUCLC collaborated with BSC and Peace Lutheran to provide several meals each month and a steady supply of new underwear.  2020 Update:  Because of immigration policy currently in effect, our activities have largely been suspended, although Undies Sunday continues.  Most BSC efforts are now focused on Juarez.
Contact:    Susan Bagby            susan.bagby1@gmail.com

3.      Elementary School Mentorship

Monthly artistic, scientific and cultural projects are provided to enrich fourth & fifth graders’ education and to make them aware of future educational opportunities.  On an annual basis, a daylong field trip to NMSU exposes students to museums, theater, the athletic department and the overall college experience.
Contacts:  Shirley Davis        s_davis_mass@yahoo.com   575-523-4785
                 Peggy Devlin        jdevlin00@comcast.net         575 -644-7283
4.     J Paul Taylor Detention Center
Cooking Classes are conducted monthly to teach practical life skills to the young men and reduce recidivism and provide alternatives to professional criminality and incarceration.  The program also does a fine dining event quarterly.
Contacts:    Elwin Nunn              ecnunn@zianet.com                575-640-1047
                   Gillian Leng             belastana@gmail.com             805-234-4342
                   Peggy Devlin           jdevlin00@comcast.net           575-644-7283
5.      Southern NM UU SJC Collaborative
The Social Justice Committee of the UUCLC has assumed a leadership role in convening and coordinating collaborative efforts among the three southern New Mexico UU congregations (Silver City, Alamogordo, and Las Cruces) in advocating for social justice initiatives affecting the state of New Mexico and particularly southern New Mexico.  This collaboration has identified three broad areas for focused action:  Immigrant rights, anti-white privilege and anti-white supremacy, and environmental justice and animal welfare.  Representatives of the social justice committees of these three congregations meet for half day workshops in Las Cruces two or three times a year (or more as needed).
Contacts:   Dave Steele           david.steele@ttuhsc.edu     575-449-4180
6.     You Are Not Alone (YANA)

YANA’s mission is to relieve the isolation and despair for immigrants being held in long-term detention through a program of visitation and correspondence by trained volunteers who care and understand.  It is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with UUCLC member, Jan Thompson, serving as Coordinator.

The work of YANA reflects several of our UU principles.  It recognizes the worth and dignity of every person, works to achieve justice, equity and compassion in human relations, accepts all the people with whom we interact regardless of race, class, religion, gender identity, etc., and shares the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.

We work with people being held in detention at the Otero County Processing Center (privately-owned and operated) and the El Paso Services Detention Center (owned by ICE).  As advocates for the detainees, we are also supporting legislation to ban private, for-profit prisons and detention centers throughout New Mexico.

Contact:  Jan Thompson         janthompson0817@gmail.com     575-888-0886

All ministries welcome the involvement of the congregation.
For more information about any of the UUCLC ministries,
contact the members listed above.


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