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Religious Education Matters

Susan Freudenthal

Systemic Change; change that pervades all parts of a system, taking into account the interrelationships and interdependencies among those parts.

Social action means taking steps to change the things that are wrong in our society and introducing new ideas and processes for doing things better in the future.

Dear Friends,

Remember when you found Unitarian Universalism.  The feeling of having found a group of people whose search for truth and meaning does not become dogmatic.  Learning that our beliefs may be as varied as our hair color but held together by love and in covenant to stand with each other on our individual paths. Understanding that how we live our lives each day matters more than taking a stand on God/Goddess/ atheism/humanism.  Acknowledging that all people have worth regardless of orientation, identity, race, class or education.

If we are to survive into the future, we must replace the current voices of intolerance with our own.  To practice justice, to walk in peace, to live within the interconnected circle of all life, to support each other on our journey through the maze of life as equals. This is why we must ultimately grow.

I know that world has become more unbalanced lately.  We appear to have a government in turmoil.  Our neighbors, many of whom may not have the “right” paperwork to be in our cities are justifiably anxious.  As an aging female, this administration leaves me feeling invisible and scared.

And yet, our church, our faith can be a haven for anyone who chooses us. I wonder, despite all that is negative and just plain wrong, maybe this is the time to shine our light, our beacon of open hearts and open minds.   This is the time that we need to be more open, more welcoming, less angry.  Keep our Unitarian Universalist ancestors in the forefront of our minds.

People who did not bend toward injustice, those who gave us a theology of universal love.

It’s time. Next time you’re standing for justice or caring for a stranger, invite them in.  I promise I will welcome them in love.  We’ll be here, all summer doing the work of justice together.

  • June: Privilege (exploring how much we have and what we need)
  • July: Jardin de los Ninos fundraiser
  • August: Backpacks for Foster Care

Details and information about what we will need will be made available in the weekly NUUS, posted in the Great Room and on Facebook.  Thank you.

In gratitude,
Susan Freudenthal, Director of Religious Education

Adult Exploration depends on you!  What interests you?  Are you willing to lead or co-lead a book study?  A conversation? A class?  Fill out a request/proposal and I’ll help you make it happen.