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Susan Freudenthal
Susan Freudenthal

Winter Celebrations in Religious Education

When Yule arrives, a turning point is reached. The light increases, days grow longer and nature reawakens. So the birth of the light at this time has been celebrated since the times when the light became the symbol of revelation in the world and her people.Rudolf Steiner

The high season of winter celebration is upon us.  How natural it feels to honor the dark and the returning light in December.  I gratefully acknowledge my Celtic ancestors this season for without their traditions and rituals around Yule, my immediate Christian and Jewish families would have no holiday at all.

I am reminded of a small book I’ve had since forever really, titled “The Twelve Gifts of Birth” by Charlene Costanzo.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when princes and princesses lived in faraway kingdoms, all children were given twelve special gifts when they were born.

Each gift is to be remembered when and as it’s needed. Courage, beauty, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love, faith, hope, compassion and strength are all we have and all we need to live lives of meaning. May you remember to call on your gifts throughout the coming year.

This month, the children will be celebrating Hanukkah with latkes and donuts; Christmas with stars and songs and Yule by walking our Winter Spiral together.

Have you considered asking a neighbor to visit us?  A grandchild, niece, nephew or godchild? Child care is available throughout the season and our Sunday mornings will be joyful as we come together to explore the Season of Lights.

See you on Sunday!

Adult Education Program

Faith formation sessions for adults will continue in January with two new offerings both offered during the daytime.  And more good news, two members have recently offered to facilitate an Adult Faith Formation sub-committee so expect more offerings to come soon.

Adult Exploration depends on you!  What interests you?  Are you willing to lead or co-lead a book study?  A conversation? A class?  Fill out a request/proposal and I’ll help you make it happen.