2018 WomenSpirit

WomenSpiritThe 17th Annual WomenSpirit Retreat took place in the beautiful mountains of Sacramento, NM just south of Cloudcroft on September 14-16th, 2018. Thirty adult women from our church and the community gathered around to celebrate the theme of “Taking Shape” with three mother/daughter pairs in attendance. Early bird registrants received a free WomenSpirit t-shirt designed by Bonnie Hosie.

Nine people arrived early on Thursday this year for a little R & R before the festivities began. After dinner and the opening ceremony, shopping began in the Funky Fun Shop. Our Funky Fun Shop made $214 and $480 donations were made to the scholarship fund for a total of $694. This year the WomenSpirit committee awarded two full scholarship and has funds to award several more next year.

As the weekend progressed, women gathered around a table to learn origami and folded square paper into flowers, boxes, balloons and animals. Some people were seen completing a very complex puzzle and playing games while others kept busy with classes on metaphysics, dance, eco-print and dyeing, Tai Chi Chih and creative writing. Each morning several people went on a sunrise hike, witnessing deer and elk all around. There was a massage therapist on hand offering massages all day Saturday. In short, there was something for everyone!

At night, attendees congregated around a campfire with four different treats: apple or cherry campfire pies, banana boats and s’mores. The unusually warm sun made the mountains picturesque and a few people wore shorts around the fire.

The annual Talent-No Talent Show highlighted Saturday night. Individuals and small groups entertained with performances of dance, song, poetry, and even mandolin playing–plus jokes galore! There was “no talent” involved and it was boundless fun and laughter!

The kitchen crew at Sacramento Methodist Assembly was exceptional as always! They filled everyone’s bellies with offerings like fajitas, black bean burgers (vegetarian option), Salisbury steak and the traditional Sunday breakfast with fresh cinnamon rolls. The crew prepared dessert to delight the palate every night; one favorite was apple crisp. It was a struggle not to overindulge!

As the weekend wound down with the traditional closing ceremony, a beautiful community had formed over the two days with much compassion and hugs shared by all. The dates for next year have not been finalized, but stay tuned for a save the date notice.