Communications Outreach

The Communications Outreach Committee is responsible for publishing the Light, nUUs, and many publications you see in the church lobby. We also handle outside advertising for the church, with the exception of the Tombaugh Gallery, which handles their own press releases.

Since the Light and nUUs are online publications, we are always working within the limitations of the website software we use. We’re not always happy with the end results but we want you to know that we are constantly striving to make both publications more useful, attractive, and readable. In this edition of The Light, you will notice some larger section titles and text indentations, which we hope will make it easier for you to scan the page and find what you want.

Elections, Churches, and the IRS

As election season approaches there are some things you need to be aware of if you are planning church programs. Namely, with very few exceptions, the IRS frowns upon direct candidate support.

  • Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.
  • Allowing a candidate to use an organization’s assets or facilities will also violate the prohibition if other candidates are not given an equivalent opportunity.
  • When a candidate is invited to speak at an organization event as a political candidate, the organization must take steps to ensure that:

It provides an equal opportunity to political candidates seeking the same office;

It does not indicate any support for or opposition to the candidate (this should be stated explicitly when the candidate is introduced and in communications concerning the candidate’s attendance); and

No political fundraising occurs.

There are also constraints when church leaders or members speak in public on political issues. Please visit our website MEMBERS tab and go to Key Information to read more.

What is AmazonSmile?

Did you know that our church is a recipient of funds through AmazonSmile? “AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.

Here’s how to shop AmazonSmile:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your credentials
  3. Choose a charitable organization to receive donations, or search for the charity of your choice – we hope you’ll choose the church
  4. Select your charity
  5. Start shopping!
  6. Add a bookmark for to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile

Look for the AmazonSmile block in the lower left of the church’s home page.

Service Opportunities

We want to expand office hours, and will need YOU to make it happen!  Reverend Kacela and Naoma, our Congregational Administrator, have created an opportunity to expand church office hours – and what we need to make it happen, is you! We need someone with good organizational skills and interpersonal skills to help us improve our filing and scanning system, answer phone calls, and various administrative tasks. Free coffee and tea, too! We need folks who can serve on a Tuesday or Thursday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Naoma will provide a volunteer orientation, and Reverend Kacela will treat you to lunch during your time in the office. Please contact the office today at, or 575-522-7281.

Building Money Counter Teams

What happens once you make your contributions on Sundays or during the week? Well, without Money Counters nothing! However, with the important service of diligent money counters your money makes it to the bank, and records are shuffled into place for safe keeping. We are currently building teams to do money counts. Contact the office at or (575) 522-7281 to offer your service for this important job.

Take a Moment for Some Fun

Did you know that there is a Bridge Group that meets two or three times per month at church in the lobby at 1 pm?  Tables generally play from 1 PM until 3 PM.  The group is called “Bridge at Anna’s,” lovingly named in memory of Anna Jobe who loved the game. While we all enjoy the game, we are not overly competitive and there is plenty of time for fellowship in the stories we tell and the laughter we share. Come join us on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of the month. We welcome beginners. Contact Nancy Anderson or send email to