Prophetic Imperative: Reclaiming our Spiritual and Moral Bearings

One service only at 10:30 AM. As a religious community, it is crucial that we address the many issues facing this country; the rise of the alt-right and its violence, the erosion of civil rights across the board; the decreasing separation of church and state and the erosion of democracy.  Let’s celebrate, together, what we … Continued


The Power of the Blues

One service only at 10:30 AM. The Blues Is Alright. This service celebrates a triple crown of American music— Spirituals, Hymns and the Blues.  Spirituals and Blues are first cousins and Hymns are ‘second cousins once removed.’ All three genres come from the same place in the human heart. The Blues are secular Spirituals, or … Continued


Sacred Harp Singers

One service at 10:30 AM. Sacred Harp Singing is a uniquely American tradition that brings communities together to sing four-part hymns and anthems. It is a proudly inclusive and democratic part of our shared cultural heritage.


Water Communion

One service at 10:30 AM. Many UU congregations hold a Water Communion once a year. Members bring to the service a small amount of water from a place that is special to them. During the appointed time in the service, people one by one pour their water together into a large bowl. As the water … Continued


One service at 10:30 AM. The flame of our chalice this morning is a symbol of the warmth and brightness of our connections. The flame lights our way back together again From our separate summer lives, and it lights our way forward Into this new church year of promise and renewal. – Janet Parsons  Today’s … Continued