Past Worship Services

Reconnecting with Nature

Our Seventh Principle enjoins us to respect the interdependent web of existence, of which we are a part. Summer is perhaps a traditional time for reaffirming this. One way of reconnecting is to go camping, and we will share some of the feelings that experience … read more.

Creatures of Momentum

Momentum is more than the efforts of starting, stopping, and restarting. Our lives are made up of patterns; the regular and the irregular schedules. Consider some shifted perspectives to take a look at the routines found in days, months, selves, and faiths.

The Declaration of Dependence

America places a high priority on independence, which helped push many people to amazing achievements, fame, and fortune. Unfortunately, we sacrificed some of our sense of community and the bonds that held us together and encouraged us to work together and succeed together. Let’s celebrate … read more.