The Minister


Meet the Reverend Xolani Kacela

Hello Las Cruces’ most outstanding UUs!

This, my inaugural column, is my first opportunity to say how grateful I am to be your new settled minister. Ever since my initial meeting with the Ministerial Search Committee, I’ve felt right at home amongst you and look forward to a long, exciting ministry here at the church.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to ministry opportunities in Las Cruces and how we can partner together to realize the aspirations laid out to me in your search packet and during my candidacy here. I believe shared ministry to be just that: a means of putting our hearts, minds, and souls together and determining how we will accomplish our congregational priorities.

You know, this faith that we’ve chosen is a beautiful faith.

But, before we get to establishing those priorities, I want to get to know you as best as I can. One thing that you’ll learn about me is that I am a skilled listener. I will often get out of the way of those who love to talk and let them. During that time, I’m listening not only to the words, but to the underlying meanings, and observing all that is going on in the space. I believe that good listening will enable me to know you and be fully present with you.

You know, this faith that we’ve chosen is a beautiful faith. It is a tapestry of love, compassion, joy, humility, justice, and wonder. Within that tapestry is room for much more. There’s room for each of us to live out our highest aspirations and dreams. There’s room for the full expression of who we are.

I believe that Unitarian Universalists are amongst the most loving, welcoming, and friendly people in the world. Not only do our Principles call us to be so, but we genuinely strive to live out our deepest commitments daily in the world in order to create the world that we dream of. So, it is my hope as your minister, that we at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, who are a microcosm of the greater Unitarian Universalist constellation, will partner together, strive together, persevere together to make our dreamed of world a living reality in this community.

Lastly, Tamara and I are eager to be a part of this vital faith community in every way. Please stop by the church office and say hello and share your story with me. I’m “all in” and ready to listen!

Namaste, Rev. Xolani