Good Friday – Tenebrae (Darkness)

The service of Tenebrae commemorates Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion at the hands of the Romans.  We will read accounts of ancient and present-day “crucifixions” as we darken the sanctuary by extinguishing candles.  A simple bread and soup supper follows the service.  As with the Maundy … read more.

Don’t Keep Love in a Box

As we think about love this month, are we keeping our definition too narrow? As our culture’s definition of love grows, let’s work to keep pushing our understanding of this thread that connects humanity.

Faith the Nation’s Founders

First Sunday in Lent. Although some insist that “America was founded as a Christian nation,” the reality is far more complicated.  What were the religious beliefs of some of the nation’s founders?  And what did they really think about the relationship between church and state?  These are good questions to explore on Presidents’ Day weekend. 


What does it mean to call a church a Sanctuary? We’ll explore this question in a general way, and then consider what it might mean to become a Sanctuary-Supporting Congregation near the U.S. southern border.

Mental Illness: Justice and Injustice

Through the schizophrenic illnesses of his two sons, writer and critic Ron Powers learned about “the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in America.”  He shares his family’s harrowing journey with us through a new book, No One Cares About Crazy People.  This service lifts up some of his insights, and explores their implications for religious communities.

Freeing the Church for Ministry

Looking back on her almost five years as the church’s Develomental Minister, Rev. Sue will share her reflections on the work we’ve done together since 2013, and some thoughts for possible initiatives in the future. This sermon will form part of her Annual Report to … read more.

We Are the Mosaic Makers

Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell and three church members journeyed to San Diego last fall, to participate in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s vibrant “Mosaic Makers Conference.”  Today we share some of what we experienced there, and examine the possibilities for mosaic-making in Las Cruces.  A workshop continuing the theme follows in the Great Room after the service.