Topic: Reflection

Reconnecting with Nature

Our Seventh Principle enjoins us to respect the interdependent web of existence, of which we are a part. Summer is perhaps a traditional time for reaffirming this. One way of reconnecting is to go camping, and we will share some of the feelings that experience … read more.

Great Congregations Make Great Ministers

This summer, whether or not this year’s ministerial search results in a candidacy, you’ll be facing a ministerial transition.  That makes April a good time to consider the nature of ordained leadership in our free faith, and how it connects with the leadership and ministry … read more.

Freeing the Church for Ministry

Looking back on her almost five years as the church’s Develomental Minister, Rev. Sue will share her reflections on the work we’ve done together since 2013, and some thoughts for possible initiatives in the future. This sermon will form part of her Annual Report to … read more.