March 8, 2020
Women’s Wisdom

Maggie Locatelli with SA John Seeley
Women have historically been honored and feared for what is perceived to be their special wisdom. In the context of Women’s History Month, we’ll explore the richness of women’s wisdom.

March 1, 2020
Applied Wisdom

Rev. Canon Dr. Thomas Lowe with SA Brooks Lewis
The true value of any philosophy is determined when that philosophy is applied in how one lives.

February 23, 2020
Resilience and Bounce

Rev. Xolani Kacela with SA Elisa Sanchez
We as a people must keep bouncing back. This date frames two significant deaths in American history: Malcom X and Trayvon Martin. Both symbolize tragedies and turning points in our culture and society and frame how we understand ourselves. What does it take to maintain resilience?

February 16, 2020
Protecting Your Love

Rev. Xolani Kacela with SA Robert Floyd
In this Valentine’s Day service, we’ll examine what it means to live in a “couple bubble,” a term popularized by the noted relationships expert, Stan Tatkin. How do you survive as a couple and as an individual in this cruel world? We’ll also hear from two beloved church couples who will talk about what makes their relationship endure and grow over time.

February 9, 2020
Exploring the Reality of Resilience

Maggie Locatelli with SA Katya Gonzalez
Eric Greitens writes: “Life’s reality is that we cannot bounce back. We cannot bounce back because we cannot go back in time to the people we used to be……There is only moving through..” This service will present alternative notions we may have of resilience being defined by strength, forbearance and the ability to “bounce back.”

February 2, 2020
Death and Dying: Our Response to End of Life Issues

Brooks Lewis with SA Maggie Locatelli

January 26, 2020
Integrity: Our Word is More Than Our Bond

Rev. Xolani Kacela
Our values and principles are the guiding lights in our lives. Are you practicing what you preach? Also, a brief look ahead at our search for a Director of Religious Education and our hopes and dreams for a new religious education program.

January 19, 2020
Social Justice Sunday – Is Your Personal Dream Alive?

Rev. Xolani Kacela
Social justice is not just a society-wide phenomena. It should begin in your own relationships and family. Let’s examine how to make your own personal lives reflect Unitarian Universalist Principles that you declare for the world. Also, we’ll begin a new tradition by taking the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday as an opportunity to recognize the church’s sterling lay leadership.

January 12, 2020
Death and Immortality, Reflections of a Poet

Rev. Charles Harper with SA Haney Pearson
Based on Reverend Harper’s August 2019 book of poetry and the poem Conversations with Pat, Her Death and Afterlife with Me.

January 5, 2020
Promises Deferred but Not Forgotten

Rev. Xolani Kacela with SA John Seeley
The New Year is typically a time for looking ahead and making resolutions. This sermon will look back on last year’s unfulfilled goals and objectives, examine the causes and effects, and forge a path forward into 2020.