Board of Trustees


Our President

Change is On the Way

When I was working as an educator, I always looked on Summer as a time to recover, to relax and refresh. Even if I was teaching a short course or keeping the department office open, the pace was different. The last half of May, the months of June and July and first half of August were slower and easier to deal with than the rest of the year.

But this Summer at the church is a little different. While we are in the lay-led single service mode on Sundays, with staff members taking well-deserved vacations, and our Developmental Minister in her last few weeks with us, there is a tension in the air, because change is on the way.

Our new settled minister will be with us at the beginning of August. And we know that a new minister will have a new vision about who we should be and how we can work to get there.

Are you ready?

I have a feeling we may be ready for this. In the past few weeks I’ve already been approached by several members of our congregation who have ideas about how things could be changed. I usually say to them, let’s wait for the new minister. He should be included in this conversation. We probably cannot make effective change without his input or support.

But I would also say we cannot put this all on the new minister. As he shares his vision with us, we must also share our vision with him. And through this shared vision we will become the agents of change. Are you ready?


In faith, Charlie Scholz, President, Board of Trustees