Board of Trustees


Infinite Possibilities

Sally Atkinson

Board Report

Oh We Give Thanks

Once again, the Stewardship and Finance Committees, Staff, and Board of Trustees finalized a balanced budget. We squeezed a little there to add a little here – just like always. We weren’t able to include all the “dream items” in the final document – sigh…… However, I’m excited about some of the line items we did include.

As a result of the dedicated work of our Congregational Administrator, Sexton and the Facilities Committee, we have a multi-year plan for preventive maintenance and upgrades to our structures and capital items. You may ask why we’re doing so much work on our existing structures if we plan to build in the future. The answer is: “We must ensure we have safe, accessible and user-friendly facilities until we begin to build.”

When you look at the budget for 2018 (recently sent to members in a special emailing), you’ll see that we’ve allocated money to remove dead trees from the property, repair the sanctuary roof, purchase and install a commercial router so all our buildings are served with WiFi, upgrade microphones for the sanctuary, improve exterior lighting, exit lights and alarm systems (smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide), as well as identify buildings with easily readable signage. You can expect to see many facility upgrades in future budgets.

Ministerial moving and settlement costs are a significant, one-time expense in the 2018 budget. The Unitarian Universalist Association recommends we allocate 14% of the incoming minister’s annual salary and housing allotment toward relocation; you’ll see that number reflected in the emailed budget.

This year, we divided the Minister’s Package into two separate categories: Developmental Minister and Settled Minister. Reverend Sue’s salary and benefits will continue as per her current contract until she leaves in July 2018. The Settled Minister will begin in August, and will have salary and benefits for last five months of 2018. With the help of the Ministerial Search Committee and the Negotiating Sub-Committee, we have developed a fair and generous salary and benefit package. The best news: We can afford it!

Many thanks to everyone who pledged during the budget drive! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! If you haven’t submitted your 2018 pledge yet, please do so.

We thank all of you for your gifts!

In Faith, Sally Atkinson and your Board of Trustees