Board of Trustees


Infinite Possibilities

A Time for Celebration

It’s often easy to dwell on the challenges we have instead of celebrating our accomplishments. This is as true is our personal lives as well as in the life of our congregation.

But right now, at the church, we have two big things to celebrate, our new sign out front in the parking lot and our new shade structure, in back of the Religious Education Building.

Several years ago, at a congregational meeting, our congregation decided that two of the top three priorities for infrastructure improvement were a new dishwasher, and a shade structure. Last year we purchased and installed the new dishwasher, which has been faithfully humming away in the Religious Education Great Room cleaning the dishes after every meal and coffee hour. It was funded by monies from the budget and by special contributions during last year’s service auction.

The shade structure project started with a request by the religious education folks for a shelter from the sun in the play area. A design suggested by the Facilities Committee was refined by the architect for Metal Structures. They created the building and erected it. This was paid for by board-designated funds, by religious education funds, and by a generous donation from Cliff Pelton.

The new sign came about from a request by the Ministerial Search Committee, who were concerned about the look of our campus when ministerial candidates were here. The MSC came to the board with their ideas, and the board approved a sum of money for the Sign project. The initial design was created by Naoma Staley, our Congregational Administrator, with the help of Rachel Courtney. Presley Printing and Mailing printed the acrylic portion of the sign, and Fluorescent Signs did the installation.

Do we still have challenges facing us? Yes, we do. But, with the completion of these two projects, we now protect our children from excessive sun and bring about a higher level of visibility to our church. I think that’s cause to celebrate.

In faith, Charlie Scholz, President
Board of Trustees