President Charlie Scholz


President Charlie Scholz

Spring Cleaning

A friend of mine, who is fairly new to Las Cruses, stopped me the other day when it was snowing, and said. “I thought it was Spring.”

“Well,” I said, “it is and it isn’t.”

The weather in February down here is almost as variable as it is in the Midwest where I grew up. There, we always looked forward to the February thaw, which was caused by the Chinook wind which came off the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains and often raised the air temperature by 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. But we also knew that sooner or later the temperatures would return just as quickly to normal, cold.

But one thing about this season that is constant anywhere is Spring Cleaning.

This is the time of year for us to look at all those things that are hanging around the house that we no longer use or need. It’s also time to make a clean sweep of all that dirt that has accumulated during the winter. And it’s a time for fresh thinking about the days ahead.

We’re doing some Spring Cleaning here at the church. Since the Rental Property is going to be demolished, we’re cleaning out the storage area over there. In addition, we’re looking at the trailer that sits next to the Religious Education Building with an eye to cleaning that out, too. And I’ve been told that there is a closet in the Religious Education Building that might require our attention.

This is also a good time to look the new directions our church is taking. At its Annual Retreat last month, the Board began working on new Mission and Vision Statements, which they will share with the Congregation. The Social Justice Committee is looking to find a project that the whole Church can support. There are new Covenant Groups forming. The Finance Committee is expanding and recruiting new members. And, as you already know, the 2019 Pledge Campaign raised the largest amount of money ever pledged to our Church.

So when you’re thinking about your own Spring Cleaning, think about your church and how these new directions will affect it.

In faith, Charlie Scholz, Board of Trustees President