President Charlie Scholz


President Charlie Scholz

Now Let Us Sing

On the last Sunday in October, Catherine asked the congregation to sing hymn 1074 Turn the World Around. If you weren’t in church or don’t remember the hymn, it’s six pages long with a number of repeats that require you to go back and forth through the music. It’s a daunting piece of music to sing and I can’t help but wonder how many choirs, let alone entire congregations, attempt it. But we did because we have faith that when Catherine thinks we can do it – well, we can do it. The congregation, following their leader, sang through all of the back and forths and repeats and had fun doing it.

Catherine, the choir, and the music we sing together, are just a few of the reasons I love the church. We have spirit. We’ve weathered a number of difficult changes over the past years and come out in good shape. Our future is bright and we’re a growing presence in the community, which is as it should be because Unitarian Universalism has much to offer – and we sing!

Love and joy,
Lyn Pearson, Congregational Vice President (standing in for Charlie)