Board of Trustees

Infinite Possibilities

Sally Atkinson

Board Report

Oh We Give Thanks

From the budget wish list two years ago, the membership identified three items as priority: a shade structure for the play area behind the Religious Education Building; a commercial dishwasher for our community kitchen; and completion of the landscaping of the Solano Strip.

Early this year, our dishwasher became irreparable, so the priorities changed. The Board agreed to use $5,000 from our contingency budget to purchase a new dishwasher, thinking that would be enough. Unfortunately, the cost of electrical and plumbing upgrades to install the appliance added an additional $2,000. The Membership generously donated toward this increased amount through a Special Item Bid at our Auction this year, and we all enjoy the benefits of the new dishwasher!

The estimated cost for a shade structure for the play area was about $20,000. The Board agreed to put $10,000 toward the purchase of this item, planning to add more as it became available. Cliff Pelton generously agreed to provide the remainder of the purchase price, and soon we’ll have shade to protect our children as they play outdoors.

The Solano Strip looks significantly better since the weeds and overgrown plantings were removed. Jack Welch and Gayle Trantham generously donated the drip watering system that supports the plants living in the strip.  Several times a year, a dedicated group of individual clean debris and weeds from the church property, including the Solano Strip. About $7,000 is needed to finish the strip with stone ground cover.

The Ministerial Search Committee recommended we replace our sign on the corner of Solano and Wofford before they take pictures to include in the search packet. The sign is so damaged by the sun and wind that it is no longer readable or welcoming. The Board is considering bids to replace the sign with a taller and more durable structure that should last about 10 or more years. This will cost about $7,500. The Board hopes to consider final bids this month, and I am certain we will find the money to pay for the new sign.

We thank all of you for your gifts!

In Faith, Sally Atkinson and your Board of Trustees