President Charlie Scholz


President Charlie Scholz

A New Leaf

Thursday, April 18, 2019 was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and a beautiful day for a visit with our neighbors. I had drawn a map of the houses in a roughly two block radius around the Church. Robert Floyd and I took all the houses east of Solano and Rev. Xolani and Tamara took the ones west of Solano. And we started knocking on doors.

We decided that we should introduce ourselves as members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces and explain that we had two purposes in our visit. We were going to tear down the house and apartments on the northwest corner of our campus and we were going to host a neighborhood yard sale.

Naoma Staley, our Congregational Administrator, created a simple flyer with that information on it. Our job was to give these out to everyone we met or put them in the doors of the people who weren’t home. In addition, we carried a brochure about the Church and a brochure about the Youth Camp that is planned for the first week in June.

In a little more than two hours we knocked on the doors of 75 of our neighbors. The people we talked to were interesting and receptive, and we had some great conversations. Although the number of direct contacts were small, Robert and I met about 8 people at the door, Rev Xolani and Tamara met 10 or 12, it was a good start. Now we know a few more of the people who live near us and they know us.

Our visits were an exercise in Evangelism. I hope you’ll join us next time.

In faith, Charlie Scholz, Board of Trustees President