President Charlie Scholz


President Charlie Scholz

Learning to Trust the Process.

Did you ever feel that it was your job to do something because you were sure no one else could possibly do it as well as you? I know that feeling but I am learning to Trust the Process.

Our vote two weeks ago to approve the 2019 Budget was a good example of this. I was concerned with the potential reaction of the Congregation to a deficit and worried that even though the Finance Committee and the Staff had pared the budget to the bone, it still might not be approved. And I was also worried that we might not get a membership quorum to hold a vote.

But we did and the budget was approved. Trust the Process.

What has been the cause of my anxiety? I know we are moving out of the small church mode and into that of the mid-sized congregation. With around 200 members now we are at a crucial point in our growth. That means that our biggest challenge may well be to make sure that programs like the Roundtable, Religious Education, the Gallery, or CUUPS, all of which are different expressions of our Mission, stay connected with the Congregation and that the Congregation stay connected with them.

How can we ensure this? I believe we can do it through Worship, the place where we share a spiritual commitment to work together for the greater good.

Trust the Process. I’ll see you in Church.

In faith, Charlie Scholz, Board of Trustees President