Weekly nUUs

Thursday December 14 through Wednesday December 20

Events are open to the public unless otherwise indicated. For more details, please visit our home page and scroll down to the calendar on the bottom left of the screen.

Sunday Schedule

Worship: 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM
Roundtable: 10:30 AM in the Library
Childcare: 8:45 AM until 12:30 AM —  free-play, snacks and art
Mindful Sundays for kids: 8:45 AM
Sunday school: 10:30 AM
Fellowship: before and after Worship

Next Worship Service

12/17/2017 9:00 am

Keeping the Flame of Hope Alive

Services at 9:00 and 10:30 AM. Third Sunday in Advent. This Sunday falls in the middle of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, an 8-day commemoration of the Maccabean overthrow of colonial rule. A Talmudic story tells how a jug of oil expected to last only one night, burned instead for eight. How do we keep the flame alive in these challenging times? How do we sustain strength and courage when events around us threaten to deplete us?

Next Roundtable

Sun, Dec 17, 2017 – Roundtable: Community Schools

David Greenberg is the Presenter

“Community Schools as a movement of Transformation and Resistance” The community school movement developed to resist the top-down bureaucratization of schooling and to advance a grassroots vision for education. This presentation will review the background and history of community schooling, and will then discuss the local community school movement that is growing in our city. David Greenberg is the District Coordinator for Community Schools with LCPS.



X-mas Birthday

Our church patriarch, Clayton Flowers, will celebrate his 102nd birthday on Christmas day. Those who know Clayton are encouraged to send a card or note. He would love to hear from you.

Social Justice Committee Animal Advocates

Barking NUUS and the Cat’s Meow

Did you know you can contribute to social action by depositing your aluminum cans in the Cans 4 Critters receptacle in the Great Room of the RE building? Cans 4 Critters is part of a city-wide initiative started by our own Jean Gilbert to raise funds to help low income people to care for their companion animals. Recycling made easy!

Did you know you can contribute to social justice by helping to bring about systemic change by signing the Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico petition in support of legislation to create a statewide fund to assist low income residents of our state with the expense of spaying and neutering their dogs and cats? Petitions will be available Sunday following each service and Roundtable. Questions? Contact Dave Steele.

January 7 Begins a New Year in Religious Education

and we’ll see a few changes in the program. We will begin together each Sunday in the sanctuary followed by age specific programing in the classrooms. Using both UUA core curricula and sermon topics, our focus will continue to be on the Theology of Love through the spring. Following time in worship, all ages will engage in immersion activities and conversations centered on the day’s theme.

Lunch Bunch!

Bring your lunch and join us Wednesdays at Noon in the Library. The *first Wednesday of every month we will have a facilitated conversation on topics of your choice.  Possible topics may include current events, local affairs and exploring lifespan faith development. Come with an idea or email me ahead susan@freudenthal.net   *January 10, 2018 at Noon.

Adult Enrichment

will have offerings available during the 9:00 AM service in the Religious Education building:

Meditation for Beginners

A Weekly Sunday Meditation Group will meet in the Purple Room of the Religious Education Building: Intergenerational sessions led by Eric Brekke.This is a beginners group for ALL AGES. A variety of meditation techniques will be explored. All levels of experience are welcome! Sessions begin on January 14 at 9:15 – 10:00 AM. Bring a pillow if needed.

A Common Read

invites participants to read and discuss the same book in a given period of time. A Common Read can build community in our congregations and our movement by giving diverse people a shared experience, shared language, and a basis for deep, meaningful conversations. Our common read this winter is:

Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry, edited by Mitra Rahnema (Skinner House, 2017), centers the stories, analyses, and insights of a number of Unitarian Universalist religious professionals of color as they explore how racial identity is made both visible and invisible in Unitarian Universalist communities.

Facilitated by Susan Freudenthal contact susan.freudenthal@gmail.com to sign up.

  • New Dates: Three consecutive Sundays – January 21, 28 and February 4, 2018 at 9:15 AM. – Congregational meeting scheduled for January 14. – Participants are expected to order the book for themselves. – Scholarships are available, please ask ahead of time. – http://www.uuabookstore.org/Centering-P18206.aspx

Please see our weekly calendar insert in the Order of Service for ongoing monthly programs.

Intergenerational Spring Seminar 2018

April 5 – 7 – NYC – Registration now open!

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, Planning Committee is excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 Intergenerational Spring Seminar, “When Crisis Calls: Advancing Just Migration for All.” The goal of the seminar is to learn from both presenters and one another about the critical issue of global migration & refugee crisis, and to figure out what we can do, as a collective group and as people of faith, to fight against the injustices of the world.

We hope you will join us in New York City April 5* – 7, 2018. Registration will be open through February 26, 2018, with rates increasing after January 22, so be sure to register early to get the discounted rate! Limited scholarships will be available to offset the cost of registration with more details to come shortly. Priority for scholarships will be given to religious professionals, young adults, and people of color.

*Youth and their sponsors must arrive by 7pm on Wednesday, April 4 for orientation and evening worship. Youth attendees age 14 – 18 must be accompanied by an adult Sponsor age 25+ with a maximum of 5 youth per Sponsor.  Register now

Highlighted Activities

Dec 16 Facilities Workday

The Facilities Committee will be hosting the December workday this upcoming Saturday the 16 from 8 – 11 a.m. We will be cleaning up and re-organinzing the library, administrative offices, and the storage area outside the ministers’ office. We will have tasks for all abilities and ages – ranging from book sorting to door painting, so we hope to see you there!

DEC 17 Religious Education for Children and Youth

This month’s theme is based on our third Unitarian Universalist Source: wisdom from the world’s religions, which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.

8:45 AM: childcare is available in the Religious Education building.

10:30 AM: Please join us in the sanctuary for a time to worship and celebrate Hanukkah together.

Winter Spiral Walk: our annual Spiral Candlelight walk for all ages will be set in the Green Room of the Religious Education building.

Each person walks a labyrinth of greenery in silence with an unlit candle. Once in the center, candles are lit using the chalice light and as walkers move out of the spiral, each leaves their candle along the path.

We do this to support our first Unitarian Universalist Source. Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.

Blessing for the walk: “We move through this winter night as people with respect for all. We walk bringing the light of love and kindness with us on our journeys. We watch each other on the path and join together in love and joy for our time together.”

Response: “May the light we leave here be rekindled in our hearts each and every day.”

Holiday schedule Sunday December 24 and December 31. Come and join us in worship on these Sundays.

Child care is available on December 31 only.

DEC 21 CUUPs’ Yule Service

Desert Spirit Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is proud to once again host our annual Yule service on Thursday, December 21, at 7 pm. Join us in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces sanctuary for an evening service celebrating the Winter Solstice and the symbolic “return of the sun”. For us desert dwellers accustomed to copious sun, we can easily imagine the impact of short days followed by long, cold nights. Let’s celebrate the portent of bringing light back into our lives!

Join us for a shared service, music, and ritual, followed by wassail and cookies in the lobby. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate this longest night and find proverbial light with family, friends, and community. Any questions? Contact Renée Beltran, 575-635-6683, reneebeltran94@gmail.com

Art Show

Masks, Maidens, and More

The Tombaugh Gallery, presents a show highlighting the work of four New Mexico gourd artists. Items will be available for sale during the show, including functional, spiritual and whimsical objects that could make ideal ornaments and one-of-a-kind gifts. Tickets for a drawing to win a piece of gourd art will be available for purchase at the gallery, drawing to be held on Friday, January 26th.

Thu Dec 14 — Wed Dec 20, 2017


10:00 am--2:00 pm – Tombaugh Gallery Show – Tombaugh Gallery


10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

4:40 pm--5:40 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

5:40 pm--6:30 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

7:00 pm--9:30 pm – NAMI: Family-to-Family – Edu. Bldg. Great Room


4:00 pm--6:30 pm – Rainbow Playgroup – Edu. Bldg. (entire)

5:00 pm--7:00 pm – Dining Out – Admin. Offices


2:00 pm--3:00 pm – A Time For Calm: Meditation Class – Private Location

6:00 pm--9:00 pm – Desert Spirit CUUPS – Edu. Bldg. Great Room


9:00 am--10:00 am – Choir Sings at First Service – Sanctuary

9:00 am--10:00 am – First Service – Sanctuary & Lobby

10:30 am--11:30 am – Roundtable: Community Schools – Library

10:30 am--11:30 am – Second Service – Admin. Offices


9:00 am--12:00 pm – Ministerial Search Committee – Tombaugh Gallery

10:00 am--2:00 pm – Office Closed – Admin. Offices

6:30 pm--7:30 pm – Leadership Development Committee – Admin. Offices

7:00 pm--8:30 pm – NAMI Connection Support Group – Library


10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

4:40 pm--5:40 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

5:40 pm--6:30 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

6:45 pm--8:30 pm – Choir Rehearsal – Sanctuary


10:00 am--2:00 pm – Tombaugh Gallery Show – Tombaugh Gallery

10:00 am--4:00 pm – UU Bee Quilters – Lobby

12:00 pm--1:00 pm – Lunch Bunch – Library

5:00 pm--7:00 pm – Navigators U.S.A. – Edu. Bldg. (entire)

5:15 pm--6:15 pm – Advent Vespers – Sanctuary & Lobby

6:00 pm--8:00 pm – Board of Trustees – Library