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Thursday December 13 through Wednesday December 19

Events are open to the public unless otherwise indicated. For more details, please visit our home page and scroll down to the calendar on the bottom left of the screen.

Sunday Schedule

Worship: 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM (unless otherwise noted in the service schedule below)
Roundtable: 10:30 AM in the Library
Childcare: 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM —  free-play, snacks and art
Mindful Sundays for kids: 9:00 AM
Sunday school: 10:30 AM
Fellowship: before and after Worship

Upcoming Worship Services

Change-4-Change in Oct, Nov, and Dec goes to Broken Promises

Yule/Solstice Celebration

Our ancestors may have lived in the long-ago faraway, but the great cycles of the natural world are just as relevant to us today as they ever were. In the middle of this season of holidays, the solstice gives us a chance to connect with the rhythms of the … read more.

Next Roundtable

Sun, Dec 23, 2018, 10:30 AM, Library

Roundtable: No Presentation Today



Born on Christmas Day 1915!


Our church patriarch,  Clayton Flowers, will celebrate his 103rd birthday December 25.  We suggest that you send a card or note.

His US mail address is in the church directory as well as the Las Cruces phone directory. We know he would welcome hearing from you.


Your 2018 Pledge


Many thanks to so many of you as you complete your pledge for 2018.  The church needs those dollars to complete the financial year.

If you have questions about the status of your pledge, please contact Naoma in the church office at office@uuchurchlc.org.


Website Home Tab to be Retired


Modern websites use their top-of-the-page logo as a “Home” tab. It saves space on the primary menu bar and is just as easy to use as the old home tab.

We’re retiring our home tab so that we have space on the menu bar for a Stewardship page. Look for the new Stewardship page soon.


Calendar Notes


Thank you to everyone who donated 2019 calendars to my project.  Over 200 calendars were collected so far this year (it’s not too late).  I am told a woman was looking for me last week (when I was in Honduras) because she wanted to get her calendar.

The following were the top donations:

  • 20  The Nature Conservancy
  • 14  World Wildlife Fund
  • 10  Human Rights Watch
  • 10  The Wilderness Society
  • 10  Ocean Conservancy
  • 10  ASPCA

Gratefully,  Jan Thompson


The “Undies Sunday” Box


Thanks everyone, who donated!! The plight of immigrants released by ICE has drawn an outpouring of overwhelming generosity.

We do foresee a continuing need, so the “Undies Sunday” box will remain in the RE Great Room, and we are asking that the first Sunday of every month be an “Undies Sunday” (which doesn’t prevent you from donating at other times!)

  • New, in the package underwear in men’s sizes small and women’s sizes 4, 5, and 6 for underpants, and women’s size small or medium sports bras are welcome.The immigrants being helped are small people, and the goal is to provide them with new, clean undergarments since most have been traveling for weeks or even longer in the same clothing.

Thank you for supporting this new ministry of the UUCLC, Any questions may be referred to Susan Bagby or Gillian Leng.


Hospitality for Asylum Seekers


UUCLC supports the efforts of the Border Servant Corps (BSC) to provide hospitality for asylum seekers at Peace Lutheran Church. You can best help by meeting these specific identified needs:

Supplies and Clothing

Asylum seekers have the clothes on their back and little else.

  • Choose from the list of needed clothing, supplies, and food items at http://borderservantcorps.org .or browse the BSC wish list on Amazon.
  • Participate in “Undies Sunday” (first Sunday each month), when we gather new, still-in-the-package underwear for men, women, and children, all in small sizes.
  • Donate gently-used clothing that is clean, seasonally appropriate, and in small sizes for men, women, and children.
  • Questions about donations of other items? Contact the BSC directly at 575-522-7119 x 15.


It costs roughly $100/family to provide hospitality.


UUCLC is providing asylum seekers with a meal or two each month.

  • To sign up to help with a meal, please contact Susan Bagby.

Volunteer Time

Please contact BSC in advance to volunteer to sort donations, set up, tear down, do laundry, provide entertainment, and especially provide transportation to the bus station and airport.

Thank you all for supporting this work.


Caring Committee


The Caring Committee provides free help to members and friends of the church who have emergencies, needs for transportation, temporary meals after an illness or surgery.  We also provide other types of assistance and loan out durable medical supplies.  We provide rides to church, to medical appointments and procedures when members cannot supply their own transportation.  We sometimes take members home from the hospital and we make hospital and nursing home visits.  We send cards and make calls to those in need.

  • If you have a need for help either as an emergency or a planned health issue, you can contact us at caring@uuchurchlc.org or call Judy Holmes.

The Caring Committee currently meets every other month (the next meeting is January 23, 2019) to discuss current needs in the church community.  If you would like to be a part of this committee, please call Judy Holmes.  We welcome new members who wish to serve, either on the committee as a board position or as a helping volunteer.


Our Cans-4-Critters Initiative


The Animal Advocates Group thanks you all for supporting us by bringing aluminum cans for our Cans-4-Critters initiative!  Thanks to you our receptacle located in the Great Room of the RE building is filling up every couple of weeks.

Money raised by the city-wide Cans-4-Critters is used to assist deserving people with payments for veterinary services, emergency boarding, and other expenses.

We encourage everyone to bring your aluminum cans for recycling and to help animals in need and the people who love them!  Questions:  Contact Dave or Ilene Steele or Jean Gilbert.


Hospitality Committee


There are still lots of coffee hour volunteer opportunities available through the end of the year. For any individuals, covenant groups, or committees that are looking for an opportunity to contribute, now’s your chance.

Email  hospitality@uuchurchlc.org or talk to one of our committee members for details. We will also provide sign-up sheets in the RE great room during the Sunday coffee hours.


Service Opportunities


As we continue to grow and thrive, the church has an array of places where you can plug in, connect with others, and support the church!

If you think you might be interested in one of these positions, or would like more information on them – please email Naoma at office@uuchurchlc.org.

Position Title

Time Allotment

Archivist 1-10 hr/mo
Communication Officer – Content Designer 1-3 hr/wk
Communication Officer – Mail Coordinator 1-3 hr/wk
Communication Officer – Social Media 1-3 hr/wk
Data Entry 1-2 hr/wk
Document Manager 1-2 hr/wk
Instrumentalist 3-5 hr/wk
Money Counters 1-2 hr/wk
Photographers 1-4 hr/mo
Receptionists 1-2 hr/wk
Service Associates 1-5 hr/wk
Sound Technician 3-5 hr/wk
Sunday Materials Support 1-3 hr/wk
Volunteer Coordinator 1-3 hr/wk


Every Thursday – Meditation Group: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Our UU Meditation Group, lead by Reba Montera, meets off-site, in the First Floor East Parlor of the Good Samaritan’s E Building. Entry to the building is at 3045 Buena Vida Circle. Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome!


Every Friday – Rainbow Playgroup: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Meet in the Religious Education building for parental support and free play with your children. All ages and families are welcome to join.


Highlighted Activities

Dec 16  Religious Education


Expanding Love, Building Identity, Exploring Beliefs

Multi-generational Programs

Our weekly STEAM projects help support core Unitarian Universalist values of reason, logic and analysis as well as creativity and imagination as religious values. All ages are welcome to join us in the STEAM project room.


9:00 am –  Parent Support begins with Child Care in the Yellow Room of the Religious Education building.

10:30 am  Please join us in the sanctuary for a brief time of shared worship.


Spirit Play  (for ages 4 – 9 years)

  • Today we will walk the Winter Spiral in honor of the Solstice Celebration:  We walk a spiral of evergreen, each person one at a time to the center where a chalice burns.  Each person carries a candle and leaves it along the path. As the candle is placed in the spiral, we offer this blessing.


  • Reading for the Spiral:  We move through this winter night as people with respect for all.  We walk bringing the light of love and kindness with us on our journeys.  We watch each other on the path and join together in love and joy for our time together.


“May the light we leave here be rekindled in our hearts each and every day.”


Spirit Play is a multi-age story based program with deep spiritual components. We enter the space with intention by walking a circle together preparing to engage with the story. We light a chalice and share our Joys and Sorrows.

Open play including word journals, art, story retelling and breaking bread together are a part of the morning experience.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) supports our Unitarian Universalist belief that reason, logic, science and creativity and imagination matter; that we never stop learning and that the world is knowable.


Junior Youth (middle school age)  meet in the Red Room

  • A special session on death, our Unitarian Universalist rituals and our personal beliefs will be explored.

Riddle and a Mystery is a Tapestry of Faith program that explores personal theology and Unitarian Universalist values. https://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children/riddle


Senior Youth (high school age)  meet in the Orange Room

Building Bridges, a hybrid world religions class continues. The world’s major religions through the lens of Unitarian Universalism. https://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/youth/bridges


STEAM Project (Science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics)

Unable to join us on Sunday?  Try the STEAM project at home!

Want to know more about Unitarian Universalist identity and this week’s program?  Follow the links!


Sunday, December 23,  we will celebrate the winter holidays together in the sanctuary in worship through song and story.  Join Us!

Sunday, December 30,  Guest Preacher with Rev Xolani Kacela as together they explore Kwanzaa.

January 6, 2019  Introducing Soul Matters!  The Soul Matters program uses thematic ministry to connect our worship services and programs together in a cohesive insightful spiritual journey as a congregation.

January’s theme is Possibility.  Each week we will explore a different aspect of the theme in age appropriate ways.  Follow the link for more information about Soul Matters.  https://www.soulmatterssharingcircle.com/


Happy Winter Holiday Season! 


Visitors are welcome at all times.

Parent Support Staff: Eric Brekke and Paige Ramsey

Director of Religious Education: Susan Freudenthal


Dec 16  Winter Lights – Diamonds, Rubies, Silver and Gold!


Your last opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a $ 750 gift certificate to Austin Fine Jewelers will be this coming Sunday, December 16.

Lyn Pearson will be selling tickets in the church lobby before and after both services. The winner will be picked at the Congregational Meeting after the 2nd service.

You do not need to be present to win. All proceeds from this raffle will be used to support the church mission.


Dec 16  Holiday Gift Boxes – a Festive Fundraiser


Festive, artistic holiday gift boxes will be displayed at UUCLC on Sunday, December 16, following services, beginning 10:00 am through 12:00 noon.

Proceeds from donations for the boxes will go to the Social Justice Committee of UUCLC and to the Humane Society of Southern NM. The boxes are designed for easy-opening by sliding off sash or ribbon to put gifts inside and are reusable.

For more information, please contact Jean Gilbert.


Dec 16  Budget Vote


A Congregational Meeting will be held on December 16, after the Second Service, to vote to approve the 2019 Budget.


Dec 21  Dining Out


Dining Out will be at 5:00 pm on Friday, December 21, at Aqua Reef Restaurant, 141 N. Roadrunner Pkwy. (North of Lohman)

Please sign up by Wednesday, December 19.  For information, contact Frances or Gordon Hill at diningout@uuchurchlc.org

The Tombaugh Gallery

The Art of Quilting


When it comes to  “quilting” observers usually think of crafts or a nice hobby.  However the quilters in the bee that meets at the Unitarian Universalist Church every Wednesday have indeed elevated their needle-work skills to an art form that transposes that kind of thinking to works of art (as well as something beautiful to cover the bed, wear or decorate walls).

A special show at the Tombaugh Art Gallery by these quilters runs through Jan 6, 2019. The show includes wall hangings, table runners, dolls, tree-ornaments, pillowcases and, of course, quilts for beds. Included in the show is a gallery of self-portraits and sales from the Christmas tree will be used for a variety of projects like prizes for the guild shows and prizes at the state fair. There will also be quilt racks by our friend, Rick Kohler for sale.

For further information on the show contact Kristine Northcutt at Gallery@uuchurchlc.org, or call the church at 522-7281.

The Tombaugh Gallery is located inside the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2000 South Solano Drive, Las Cruces, NM and is open Wednesday – Saturday, 10:00am – 2:00pm. Visit the gallery on Facebook.

Thu Dec 13 — Wed Dec 19, 2018


10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

12:00 pm--4:00 pm – Office Closed – Admin. Offices

5:30 pm--9:00 pm – Chess Club – Edu. Bldg. Blue Room

5:30 pm--6:30 pm – Hospitality Committee Meeting – Library

5:40 pm--6:30 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

6:00 pm--7:00 pm – Shape Note Singers – Lobby

7:00 pm--9:30 pm – NAMI Family to Family – Edu. Bldg. Great Room


4:30 pm--7:00 pm – Rainbow Playgroup – Edu. Bldg. (entire)

5:30 pm--9:00 pm – Chess Club – Edu. Bldg. Blue Room

7:00 pm--10:00 pm – AUCTION EVENT #42: Christmas Sing-a-long – Private Location


2:00 pm--3:30 pm – Celebration of Life for Jim Herrick – Sanctuary & Lobby

3:15 pm--4:30 pm – Reception: Celebration of Life for Jim Herrick – Edu. Bldg. (entire)

6:00 pm--9:00 pm – Desert Spirit CUUPS – Edu. Bldg. Great Room


9:00 am--10:00 am – Sunday Service – Sanctuary & Lobby

9:00 am--11:30 am – Weaving for Justice – Lobby

10:30 am--11:30 am – Roundtable: Naloxone (Narcan) Training – Library

10:30 am--11:30 am – Sunday Service – Sanctuary

11:45 am--1:30 pm – Annual Congregational Meeting – Sanctuary & Lobby

12:00 pm--4:00 pm – Office Closed – Admin. Offices


10:30 am--2:30 pm – Office Hours – Admin. Offices

2:30 pm--8:00 pm – Chess Club – Edu. Bldg. Blue Room

6:30 pm--7:30 pm – Leadership Development Committee – Admin. Offices

7:00 pm--8:30 pm – NAMI Connection Support Group – Edu. Bldg. Great Room


10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

10:00 am--11:15 am – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

10:30 am--2:30 pm – Office Hours – Admin. Offices

5:40 pm--6:30 pm – T'ai Chi – Edu. Bldg. Great Room

6:45 pm--8:30 pm – Choir Rehearsal – Sanctuary & Lobby


10:00 am--4:00 pm – UU Bee Quilters – Lobby

10:30 am--2:30 pm – Office Hours – Admin. Offices

12:00 pm--1:00 pm – Lunch Bunch – Library

12:30 pm--4:00 pm – Chess Club Tournament – Edu. Bldg. Blue Room

6:00 pm--8:00 pm – Board of Trustees – Library